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Rekindle provides an (almost) infinite candle


February 14, 2014

Rekindle from Benjamin Shine is a cleverly designed candlestick that means no wax goes to waste

Rekindle from Benjamin Shine is a cleverly designed candlestick that means no wax goes to waste

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Lighting a candle and watching it burn down to virtually nothing is one of the simple pleasures in life. Unfortunately candles never last quite long enough, and you're always left with a clump of useless wax to dispose of. Rekindle from designer Benjamin Shine tackles these issues, helping to prevent both mess and waste.

Rekindle is a candlestick with a difference. The lower part of the candlestick is a hollow well, with the wax that melts down the sides of the candle dripping into it slowly. A new wick hangs down the center of the well, allowing the wax that has already been melted to form into a new candle.

It looks as though you have to burn several candles before the bottom well fills up with enough leftover wax to create a whole new candle. But this still beats throwing away useless wax that could otherwise end up in landfill. The transparent stem also allows you to watch the new candle forming slowly.

The designer has worldwide patents pending on Rekindle, which is available in stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and porcelain. No price is listed at the time of writing, with interested parties instead invited to contact Shine through his website.

Source: Benjamin Shine via Gizmodo

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If the collection portion has a slight taper then the candle can easily push out with little or no heat.

Bruce H. Anderson

Clever system that at least saves some wax for re-use! Richardf - I would think that people caring enough to buy this would think ahead to use the same brand/scent of candle each time!

The Skud

No mention of fumes as diffrent types of candles produce diffrent aromas long and short. Pure bees wax is much diffrent to stand wax.


Paraffin wax is a petroleum product, so women who demand that their men smoke outside but don't think twice about burning candles in the bath, should think twice about this...

Bees' wax is the better choice.

It would seem that in order to get the recycled candle out, you'd have to heat the cylinder. This idea won't likely go anywhere. Fail.


An idea in search of a problem. Clever but not commercially viable.

Peter Davila

Actually removing the new (old wax) candle would be quite easy and requires no heat at all. I see from the photos the 2 halves come apart and even if the wax sticks to the glass, removal is as simple as putting the holder in your freezer for an hour or two. Wax shrinks slightly when frozen and its surface tension is significantly loosened making removal quite easy.

Robert Moynihan

I think a better solution would be to design the candle properly! There are candles that dribble lots of wax (big wick, small diameter candle). There are candles that pool in the middle and often drown the flame (small wick, large diameter candle). However, there are beautifully designed candles that burn to the bottom with almost no wasted wax.

Mark Windsor
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