RearViz "arms" cyclists with rear vision


September 19, 2013

The RearViz at Interbike 2013

The RearViz at Interbike 2013

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There’s no doubt that using a rear-view mirror makes it safer to cycle on public roads. That said, some riders may feel that a bike-mounted mirror is just one more bit of handlebar clutter. One solution is to use a helmet-mounted mirror, although the RearViz mirror offers an alternative – it mounts on the rider’s arm.

The mirror itself is convex, and folds down against the housing when not in use. It can be opened to any angle, and rotated 360 degrees relative to that housing. The whole shebang is mounted on a breathable Velcro armband.

So, why bother? According to one of the company reps we spoke to, a mirror on the rider’s body won’t get shaken around by road vibrations nearly as much as one mounted directly on the bike. Additionally, riders can change the mirror's field of view simply by twisting their arm a little, instead of moving their head or the handlebars.

The RearViz folds closed when not in use

As for what makes it better than a helmet mirror ... well, that probably comes down to personal preference, although it's possible that it might be a little less cumbersome when the rider is off their bike.

The RearViz mirror is available now in a variety of colors, with pricing starting at US$33.

Source: RearViz

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This is nothing really new and has existed for many years. A simple search on 'wrist mirror' on google shows a number of products on sale at a third of this price...


what i like about a helmet mirror is, when you take the helmet off, you don;t have to also take the mirror off

plus it;s in your field of vision already you don;t have to look away from the road

and a HM costs $15 instead of 33

FAIL wle

Larry English

Ditto re. the helmet mirror. I can adjust it to perfection, plus its close enough to my eye that the field of view is quite wide. I dont have to gyrate my head to get the view, plus both hands are on the bars for control.

The only down side is that its easily knock out of alignment when the helmets off. Ah well, nothings perfect, close though.


A simple, old fashioned handlebar mirror is the best for me. Clear, large, steady view.

Iván Imhof

I'm interested. I broke two handlebar mirrors while parking, and helmet-mounted mirrors were a disaster - they either smash into things while on your head, or when you take the helmet off. Just too fragile to last very long. This guy looks a lot sturdier.

Steve Bennett
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