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RC Tron Light Cycle drives on walls and ceilings


November 30, 2010

Air Hogs' RC Zero G Light Cycle

Air Hogs' RC Zero G Light Cycle

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Back in 1982, when the original Tron was released, movie merchandising wasn’t quite as... robust as it is today. Therefore, there wasn’t much available in the way of Tron collectibles, much to the chagrin of Apple II-using geeks everywhere. Skip forward 28 years, and you can now buy Tron Legacy toys before the movie has even opened. One of the first out of the starting gates is Air Hogs’ RC Zero G Light Cycle... and yes, you're right, remote-control toys have become pretty much a dime a dozen. Ones that can be driven across walls or ceilings, however, are still kind of special.

The Light Cycle is able to maintain verticality and upside-downity thanks to an electric vacuum on its underside. It isn’t the only RC toy that employs this technology, as Air Hogs has a line of Zero G vehicles that work the same way.

In homage to the “real” light cycles, this one emits a colored beam of light from the rear. Just as hitting another cycle’s “jetwall” would cause a light cycle to “derez” in the movies, crossing another Zero G’s light beam will cause one of these light cycles to lose suction and fall off the wall/ceiling. Hopefully they’re built for rough landings.

The infrared controller doubles as a charging station for the Light Cycle, and requires six AA batteries. It’s available in two versions – a blue-accented one ridden by a plastic Sam Flynn, and an orange one piloted by the character Clu. They can be purchased through the Disney store for US$39.50 each.

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