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Rainbow Glasses: fashion you can see through


October 22, 2008

Luis Porem's color changing eye-glasses

Luis Porem's color changing eye-glasses

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October 23, 2008 Fashionistas who are required to wear glasses will love this color-changing eyewear from Portuguese industrial designer, Luis Porem. Created as an entry for the Opus Award, the RbG Rainbow Glasses are hollow and allow the wearer to fill them with various colors of ink to match their outfit.

The RbG glasses are made from clear plastic with an internal channel for the colored ink to pass through and a flexible, enclosed hinge to prevent leakage. This "paints" the frames with the desired color and allows you to choose the right hue for whatever occasion presents itself.

Emily Clark

Via Luis Porem / Trendhunter.


These might be nice if you are on your way to a B-52s concert, but seems like quite a bit of trouble to go through. Probably easier to just get silver frames which match everything.


holy balls i want some. like right now.

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