Getting caught up in the game depends just as much on immersive audio as it does engaging visuals. Gaming specialist Razer reckons that it's come up with a pair of portable gaming speakers that offer listeners room-filling, omnidirectional sonic enjoyment in a very compact package. The new Ferox speakers feature a rising resonance chamber mechanism, which is sure to prove a talking point in addition to providing some bass oomph.

The novel design of the Razer Ferox twin portable gaming speakers offers 360° omnidirectional acoustics, which is claimed to result in a much wider listening sweet spot than more familiar front-facing speakers. Each speaker contains a digitally-optimized, 1.18-inch (30mm) driver for full-range, quality output and an expanding resonance chamber for powerful bottom end.

The 2.75 x 2.75 x 2.08 - 2.51-inch (70 x 70 x 53-64mm) speakers benefit from a one-touch turn-on operation which sees the chamber mechanism rise from the body, and hopefully will not prove too much of a distraction from the gaming marathon. The audio accompaniment is likely to go on for some time too, thanks to the inclusion of rechargeable batteries with a claimed 12 hour playback time between top-ups.

An LED status indicator will let you know when more juice is required, and players can game and charge at the same time.

The Razer Ferox speakers would make a great looking addition to any portable gamer's arsenal and are available now for US$59.99, which includes a carrying pouch. They're not just for gaming, of course, as the 3.5mm jack can also bring the Razer sound to such things as media players and mobile computing solutions.