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Raytheon and US Navy demonstrate submarine-compatible UAS


October 30, 2008

UAS capability for submarines demonstrated
 (Pictured: fast-attack submarine USS Houston)

UAS capability for submarines demonstrated (Pictured: fast-attack submarine USS Houston) U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kenneth G. Takada

October 29, 2008 Raytheon and the US Navy have demonstrated unmanned aircraft system capability for submarines. The Submarine Over the Horizon Organic Capabilities (SOTHOC) program is developing a specialized UAS designed for collection of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance in a complex littoral environment.

During the demonstration, two sea vehicles descended to 80 feet, resurfaced, and launched an inert representative UAS at precise orientation and velocity during a demonstration.

"SOTHOC provides submerged submarines with the ability to use unmanned aircraft systems and will increase commanders' situational awareness and provide clarity to a fogged battlespace picture," said Ken Pedersen, Raytheon Missile Systems' vice president of Advanced Programs. "In future demonstrations, we will deploy a UAS from an actual submerged submarine and evaluate its performance in the maritime interdiction mission."

"The SOTHOC program is a government-industry partnership that complements organizational strengths to develop, integrate and test a capability that will provide a significant increase in warfighter performance," said Mark A. Rodrigues, department head, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport, Platform Payload Integration Department. "This capability will be a keystone for real-time situational awareness at significantly increased ranges."

Source: Raytheon.

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