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Fancy a US$30,000 bottle of Whisky?


May 10, 2010

To alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems - Homer Simpson

To alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems - Homer Simpson

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Whisky may not be everyone's idea of a sound financial investment, but as we have reported previously, as long as you choose wisely and resist drinking it, IT IS! With that in mind, you may wish to consider an exceptionally rare bottle of Glenfiddich coming up for auction next month. It is one of only 61 bottles produced by the distillery in 1937 and is the first to appear at auction. Having matured for 64 years it is also one of the oldest whiskies ever released and is expected to fetch between GBP15,000 - 20,000 (US$22,250 – 29,670). The bottle will be part of Bonhams Whisky sale in Edinburgh on June 16, and Bonhams Whisky consultant, Martin Green, is naturally excited about the prospect. “It isn’t very often that such a rare bottle comes along and it’s a privilege to be handling it. As soon as I recognized the significance of the bottle I got in touch with the distillery to let them know that we were including it in the auction.”

Libby Lafferty speaking for Glenfiddich said, “We were very excited when we heard that the 1937 was going into the sale and immediately invited Martin Green from Bonhams to bring the bottle back to its home distillery to photograph for our archives. It really is that special.”


Any distiller worth their mash will tell you that whiskey aged beyond 12 years, depending on climate and other variables, goes downhill. If excellent at 8 years old, dont expect it to be stellar at 18.

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I drank some whisky from a private collection that was 60 years old and it was very smooth and delicious. Glenfiddich happens to be my favorite, and would be worth it\'s weight in gold.


That might be good scotch, but a vintage bottle of Grance Hermitage red wine would cost you easily that much! And you wouldn\'t dare open the bottle either!

The Skud
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