Review: Rain Design mStand for the MacBook, MacBook Pro


July 24, 2008

Rain Design's mStand

Rain Design's mStand

July 24, 2008 Prolonged use of a laptop placed flat on a desk is guaranteed to lead to neck and back strain. The mStand is an attractive way to bring your MacBook or MacBook Pro six inches off your desk and closer to your eyes.

The mStand is crafted from a single piece of aluminum, perfectly matching the look of the MacBook Pro, and offering surprising stability - even with my 17" MacBook Pro on board. The tilted design brings the screen closer to your face, making small fonts and high resolutions easier to deal with, which is fantastic for sufferers of eye strain.

It's not just your health that will benefit from the mStand - your Mac is significantly better off for it too. With improved airflow and the aluminum stand doubling as a heatsink, you'll have a lower running temperature and a laptop that isn't hot to the touch. There's also the added benefit that a split cup of coffee is far less likely to end up costing you a couple of thousand dollars.

The fact you can't adjust the height might be an issue for particularly tall/short people, but it's spot on for me, and extra elevation can always be added with a textbook or two. Those looking for a travel-friendly laptop stand should steer clear as the mStand doesn't fold up, so it's not going with you overseas unless you pack light.

The Rain Design mStand is available for $49.90.

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