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QUQUQ transforms a van to a camper within a minute


June 21, 2013

The QUQUQ packs sleeping, cooking, cleaning and storage into a large chest

The QUQUQ packs sleeping, cooking, cleaning and storage into a large chest

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Similar to the Swiss Roombox and Yatoo, the QUQUQ is a European-designed camping box that transforms a regular passenger vehicle into a fully equipped camper for two. Within just one minute, you can be sleeping, cooking or just hanging out in your QUQUQ camper van.

When compared to similar campers-in-boxes we've covered, the QUQUQ is not only more fun to say, it also appears to be simpler to transport and transform. It's essentially a 132-lb (60-kg), rectangular chest that two people can easily carry and lift into the back of a compatible van. The 43 x 30-inch (110 x 75-cm) camping box fits in the back of the van with the rear seats up, leaving room for transporting passengers or stowing extra camping gear. Removing the rear seats altogether provides storage space below the extended bed.

The three-piece folding foam bed atop the wood chest folds out into a 43 x 77 x 4-inch (110 x 195 x 10-cm) mattress for two in seconds. Two ropes tie around the seatbelt mounting points and support the front of the bed.

The chest unit, meanwhile, contains a built-in kitchen and storage space. The front panel door swings open and doubles as a countertop or table. The kitchen unit, which looks similar to standalone kitchen boxes like the Kanz Outdoors Field Kitchen or My Camp Kitchen, pulls out via telescoping rails and gives users access to a dual-burner stove with windscreen, along with some food, condiment and utensil storage space. Because it remains under the liftgate, it stays protected from rain and weather.

The right side of the QUQUQ chest is designed to accommodate two included 10-liter (2.6-gal) water jugs with spigot. A cubby below the water storage area holds two stainless steel bowls, which serve as sinks for washing and rinsing. The bowls can also be used for holding food and other goods. Between the kitchen and sink sections is a storage space that offers nearly 100 liters of room for garbage bags, sleeping bags or other camping provisions. A small cubby just next to the water jugs is designed to fit two camping chairs.

When compared to the Swiss Roombox and its numerous configurations and moving parts, the QUQUQ appears much quicker and easier to use at the campground and far less likely to break. It's built from waterproofed plywood with steel and aluminum hardware and only has a few components, making it appear rugged enough to hold up to many uses. The QUQUQ is more comparable to the Yatoo but still appears quicker and easier to set up.

On the downside, the QUQUQ's hardware, particularly its sink, is a little simpler than what's used in the Yatoo and Roombox systems. Both of the latter products have faucet sinks with clean and waste water tanks.

The QUQUQ's simplicity is reflected in its price. At €2,190 (US$2,900), it's €1,300 ($1,700) less than the complete Yatoo sleeping, cooking and cleaning system was when we priced it last year, and much cheaper than the Swiss Roombox. It doesn't fit as many vehicles as some other in-vehicle camping units, but it works with a variety of MPVs, including the Mercedes-Benz Vaneo, Nissan NV 200 Evalia and Volkswagen Caddy.

The QUQUQ camping box is available throughout its home country of Germany, and in other countries upon request. QUQUQ will be displaying its camping box at the Outdoor Friedrichshafen show next month and at the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf in August.

The video below shows exactly how the QUQUQ loads and unfolds.

Source: QUQUQ

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It sounds cool. I wonder if one could use it in a cargo trailer to turn it into a camper?


Fairly neat, but I would like to see it in a camping expo, beside some other versions, as mentioned. You still need a mini-van or people mover though, a version using any car with drop-down rear seats would be good if headroom was not too much of a problem. This one might be sheltered a bit by the tailgate, but an added roll-up tent extension to clip on and be supported by tailgate and a couple of staked guy ropes and posts would be virtually mandatory for wind-driven rain or showers.

The Skud

The Skud, you should check out this other Gizmag article. It seem more in line with what you are are wanting. http://www.gizmag.com/swiss-army-inspired-camper-small-car/22012/


With a couple this means the little lady needs to be able to lift 66 lbs. up off the ground and up into the back of a truck or van and most women I know would not find this easy a great many would not even find it possible. How many can even change the tire on a truck or van and deal with that lesser amount of weight at ground level?

Great concept but the package needs to be split up so there is not a single 132 lb. weight to have to hoist into a vehicle.


Nice work! key would be its versatility with other vehicles.

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