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BT-Q1000 Platinum GPS Travel Recorder


February 21, 2008

QSTARZ BT-Q1000 Platinum

QSTARZ BT-Q1000 Platinum

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Febraury 22, 2008 QSTARZ, the company behind the solar-powered BT-Q1200 GPS Travel Recorder, has released the BT-Q1000 Platinum - a Bluetooth GPS Travel Recorder that pairs with your PDA or Smartphone to provide satellite navigation and allows users to record up to 200,000 waypoints.

After extended periods of traveling, all those impressive buildings and picturesque landscapes can begin to look the same. If you’re in the habit of looking back through holiday shots and wondering whether they show you in Berlin or Prague, the BT-Q1000 might be for you.

The Recorder can geo-tag your happy snaps, noting their exact location and the Photo Preview & Slide Show function, along with track split and track edit functions, keeps the data well organized and easily searchable. Not only does this allow users to share memories with friends and family back home, but Flickr and Google Earth integration allows them to share it via the Internet.

The BT-Q1000 Platinum is fitted with the MTK chipset, which provides a fast and accurate signal for 51 channels. It has a standard user mode and a power user mode, and a battery life of 32 hours. It also allows users to analyze speed and altitude, for that extra degree of precision.

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