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QPC Lasers demonstrates ultra-compact portable projector technology


May 18, 2008

May 19, 2008 The miniaturization of technology has brought unprecedented portability to increasingly powerful mobile devices such as PDAs and mobile phones, but the trade off has been the corresponding reduction in screen sizes to an often impractical level. One solution is miniature projectors which let users carry the equivalent of a big screen TV in their pocket. High power semiconductor laser designer and manufacturer QPC Lasers, Inc. is hosting private demonstrations of their high power miniature prototype BrightLase Red-Green-Blue “RGB” laser, which is designed for high resolution miniature projectors in the 100 lumens output region for portable handheld consumer electronics.

QPC offers visible laser technologies designed to be compatible with the leading micro-display technology including LCOS, scanning micro-mirrors, DLP and LCD and offers advantages to consumer electronics manufacturers including an expanded color gamut, low power consumption, an ultra compact footprint, and is designed for low cost high volume manufacture.

Dr. Jeffrey Ungar, President and CEO of QPC Lasers, Inc. believes mating consumer electronics with powerful projectors powered by compact, powerful Red-Green-Blue lasers offers a way around the display of information on portable devices. “We believe that our BrightLase® technology is a vehicle uniquely suited to making this dream a reality, and expect the exceptional brightness, efficiency, compactness and low cost of these lasers to provide compelling advantages in displays for PDAs, games, laptops, automobiles, and aircraft,” said Ungar.

The prototype BrightLase Red-Green-Blue “RGB” laser is being shown at the Society of Information (SID) Display Week 2008 - the leading North American show for the electronic-display industry - which is running until May 23 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

For further info visit QPC Lasers.

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