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The award-winning PUYL for cyclists combines a light with a pump


November 5, 2009

The PUYL was the winner of the Eurobike 2009 design award

The PUYL was the winner of the Eurobike 2009 design award

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Most cyclists would agree that the two most likely things to forget after heading out on a journey are a light and a tire pump. It would make perfect sense, then, to combine the two into one handy accessory, which is exactly what designer Kai Malte Roever has done with the “PUYL”.

The PUYL was the winner of the Eurobike design award for 2009, whose criteria specified a product that was both environmentally friendly and capable of reducing the number of accessories cyclists must carry around.

The concept is ingenious in its simplicity, not only combining two products in one but containing no batteries it uses electromagnetic induction to generate power from the movement involved in using the pump. The light source is an ultra bright LED bulb, which means that it can be recharged limitless times and just 20 seconds of pumping amounts to around 45 minutes of use.

Unfortunately the PUYL is only a prototype, and though a patent is pending there’s no information on when it will hit the market.

Via TreeHugger.

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45 minutes of use from 20 seconds of pumping? That must be a simple, low brightness LED. You wouldn't get 30 seconds of light with a high-intensity 1w or higher Cree or Luxeon. Pretty much useless. A generator light on the bike would be a hundred times more useful.

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