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Protect your HDTV with TV Armor


July 29, 2008

TV Armor screen protection

TV Armor screen protection

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July 29, 2008 While shelling out for a big-screen HDTV gives you a nice big picture, it also provides a nice big target for common hazards like the infamous flying Wii controller. TV Armor screen protectors are clear plastic screens that come in a range of sizes to fit TVs from 30-52 inches, protecting them from scratches, fingerprints, marks, splashes and household projectiles.

Made from 1/4” thick crystal clear, optical grade, scratch resistant acrylic, the TV Armor fits snugly over the screen with a small 90° bend in the TV Armor Screen Protector at the top of the TV supporting the unit’s weight over the width of the TV.

Two slots at the bottom of the protector allow Velcro straps to wrap around the TV to secure the TV Armor in place while felt spacers around the perimeter of the screen provides a cushion space for the protector to flex and absorb the impact from flying objects while ensuring that it doesn’t actually come into direct contact with the TV.

With a new TV being a big investment for most people it might be worth investing in a little insurance for your new pride and joy.

The TV Armor suits both plasma and LCD TVs and retails for:

  • 30-32 inches-$129
  • 36-37 inches-$139
  • 40-42 inches-$149
  • 46-47 inches-$159
  • 50-52 inches-$169

TV Armor is available from the company website.

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