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Power tool drag-racing back for 2008


March 9, 2008

Power tool racing

Power tool racing

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March 10, 2008 The event that last year spawned the chainsaw powered wheelbarrow and ride-on garden blower will return to the UK in August. The rules of the Silverline Power Tool Drag Racing event are straight forward - take any hand-held power tool, tinker with it to create a drag-ready machine and then race it down a 75 foot track.

If letting your belt-sander powered toaster loose on the drag-strip isn't enticing enough you can also enter the "ride-on" category where chain-saw-powered conveyances are among the weapons of choice.

The 2008 Silverline Power Tool Drag Racing event will take place on Sunday 10 August 2008 at Haynes International Motor Museum. U.S. based company Little Wonder are also sending a team to challenge the Brits.

See more photos from the 2007 event here or see for more info.

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