POC packs Beats by Dr. Dre headphones into latest ski helmet


December 20, 2012

POC's Receptor BUG Communication helmet integrates Beats by Dr. Dre headphones into the neck roll

POC's Receptor BUG Communication helmet integrates Beats by Dr. Dre headphones into the neck roll

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Barreling down the slopes while enjoying some tunes holds plenty of appeal for a certain demographic and is certainly safer than cycling through busy city streets with headphones on. Since cramming a pair of headphones in between your noggin and a helmet is a recipe for discomfort, ski and snowboard helmet manufacturer POC has come up with a helmet that integrates a set of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones into the neck roll.

The Receptor BUG Communication is based on the Receptor BUG, one of the Swedish company’s most popular helmet models. As well as listening to tunes, users can take phone calls, adjust volume and skip tracks via a 1.3 m (4.3 ft) long cable with integrated mic and remote control that connects to a smartphone.

Anyone already the proud owner of POC’s Receptor BUG, Receptor +, Receptor Backcountry or Receptor Pro model helmets can purchase the padded Communication Neckroll separately, which attaches to the aforementioned helmets via four press studs.

The Receptor BUG Communication weighs 550 g (1.2 lb) and comes in black or white. It will be available in January 2013 in sizes ranging from XS to XXL at a price of SEK 2,200 (approx. US$337). The Communication Neckroll comes in black only and retails for SEK 1,200 (approx. US$184). Although it has already been released, at the time of writing it is listed as being out of stock.

Source: POC via Gear Patrol

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not a fan of Dre Beats, but as a skater this is actually GREAT!, i mean i work out and music streaming is a must, same when i drive, run, this just adds another hobby on the list of moment to stream music! and by stream i don't mean just pandora which is full af ads.

Angela Pinosi

I guess I can see maybe using this helmet for multiple sports to get your use out of it but why not just get a good set of in the ear, behind the neck headphones that you can use anytime, including while you have a helmet on?

Rann Xeroxx
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