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PlugBug combines MacBook and iDevice charger in one travel-friendly package


November 1, 2011

The PlugBug piggybacks on a MacBook adapter to provide a USB charge port for an iDevice

The PlugBug piggybacks on a MacBook adapter to provide a USB charge port for an iDevice

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The nature of the Apple ecosystem means that many MacBook owners will also carry around an iPhone or iPad - or both. To cut down on the clutter of white Apple chargers vying for an electrical outlet in this situation, TwelveSouth has released its PlugBug accessory that piggybacks on a standard MacBook power adapter to provide an additional USB charge port to charge an aforementioned iDevice and a MacBook at the same time.

While the PlugBug adds a bit of extra bulk to a standard MacBook adapter, it is still more convenient than carting around two separate chargers and having to find two electrical outlets. The PlugBug will also function as a stand-alone charger for an iDevice and because it delivers 10 W and 2.1 amps of power, it can charge an iPad at the fastest rate.

Unfortunately for those outside the U.S., Canada and the east coast of South America, the PlugBug is only compatible with the two parallel flat blade outlets used in those areas. The device will also work as an adapter for international travelers heading to these places. It is compatible with all MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air power adapters and charges all iPads and iPhones.

The PlugBug is available through the TwelveSouth website for US$34.99.

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