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Plug & Play Screamer lets motorcycles give other vehicles an earful


November 15, 2012

The Plug & Play Screamer is a more compact, easier-to-install version of the extremely lou...

The Plug & Play Screamer is a more compact, easier-to-install version of the extremely loud Screaming Banshee motorcycle horn

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Motorcyclists are already at risk when they’re traveling amongst cars, so it certainly doesn’t help that their bikes’ horns tend not to be very loud. That’s why biker and electrical engineer Peter Olt created the ear-splitting Screaming Banshee supplementary motorcycle horn. Now, he’s offering a smaller, easier-to-install model, known as the Plug & Play Screamer.

First of all, it should be explained that the original Screaming Banshee doesn’t replace the bike’s existing horn. When the rider just taps on their horn button, the regular horn still sounds. In an emergency, however – such as if a larger vehicle is about to blunder into the motorcycle – the rider holds the horn button down. The regular horn will sound at first, but the Screaming Banshee will immediately join in with its 139-decibel repetitive shriek.

Just to be on the safe side, it also causes the bike’s high-beam headlight to pulsate.

“One thing that many customers have requested was for us to come up with a new model that was smaller and would be easier to install,” Olt told us. “With this in mind, we’ve been hard at work developing a new more compact, all-in-one system that would be just as loud and effective as the original system.”

The Plug & Play Screamer is smaller than the Banshee, combining the horn and control unit ...

The result is the Plug & Play Screamer. It’s smaller than the Banshee, combining the horn and control unit in one package that mounts with a single bolt. It can also reportedly be easily installed by non-mechanics, using the included Posi-lock connectors to wire it to the motorcycle’s headlight and battery – it can also be installed in a car.

At 120 decibels, however, it’s not quite as loud as the Banshee, but should be more than enough to get you noticed.

Peter is currently raising production funds for the Screamer, on Indiegogo. A pledge of US$79 will get you one when and if they’re ready to go, with the estimated retail price sitting at about $100 ... but please, if you get one, don’t use it unless you really have to.

More information is available in his pitch video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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If those ever make it to India we are in serious trouble !

16th November, 2012 @ 01:30 am PST

I can see this product being abused... :/

16th November, 2012 @ 04:31 am PST

Nice but I want the horn to be at full volume from the start I'll use a less convenient switch for the soft horn.

16th November, 2012 @ 06:39 am PST

I want this for my bicycle.

William Volk
16th November, 2012 @ 08:59 am PST

Many yrs ago a friend of mine was having problems of people not seeing him. So I put an airhorn on his Harley and they would quicly get out of the way of what they thought was a semi. Worked great.

I agree that the article one will likely get abused sadly and should only be used to stay safe, not show off or annoy others.

I dive either slightly faster or slower than traffic so I'm mostly alone on the road while most other drive in dense packs for some reason. I find this much safer both on my MC's and cars.

16th November, 2012 @ 09:27 am PST

Past experience has taught me this. (57yrs old and 250,000 + miles on a motorcycles)

When I’m on my motorcycle and some crap happens in front of me. My hands are too busy grabbing brakes, and or throttle, clutch and swerving! I’m looking for the “Out” of the situation this jerk has just put me in! The very last thing I would think about is the horn!

The horn is not part of your reflexes! A horn no matter how loud it is will not save your butt!


16th November, 2012 @ 09:46 am PST

Oh, wonderful. The loudest, most obnoxious sounding vehicle on Earth just got louder. From those of us who have live cities and apartment buildings, my thanks for a product no one needs designed "for safety" when it's really a matter of just pissing people off.

Chris Estes
16th November, 2012 @ 10:23 am PST

Hah! Well, Chris Estes - since you city dwellers are just sucking all the resources of the rest of the nation like parasites, you can't begrudge the hornblowers for giving you a little decibel dousing!

Joseph Boe
16th November, 2012 @ 12:00 pm PST

re; jerryd

The problem with the truck horn is when the guy who didn't see you starts looking for the truck he is less likely to see a bike.

16th November, 2012 @ 03:50 pm PST

"re; jerryd

The problem with the truck horn is when the guy who didn't see you starts looking for the truck he is less likely to see a bike.


I gotta disagree with you, Slowburn. I was a motorcycle courier for a few years, and a rider since my first licence (more than 30 years now).

The other driver will look out for his own safety before yours, that airhorn will put him back in his own lane, before he even registers that he doesn't see a truck coming. It's the first I do to any bike I own, and it works. Though, when I need it, I need it now, and at full strength, no delays.

17th November, 2012 @ 07:46 pm PST

Screaming Banshee horn???

Funny how it look EXACTLY like the Stebel Nautilus Compact. Granted the Banshee thing would be that of the control box/horn delay.

I have a Stebel Nautilus Compact on my bike and installed them on the bikes and in cars of friends because they just work.

They *do* make the clown in his steel cage look again when it goes off and I am not interested in some silly delay. When I need it - I need it NOW.

Agree with SlapHappyBrucks that in the event of an emergency situation, the horn is the last thing you want - but it is an excellent warning system -- and it just feels GREAT to put it into the open window of a taxi that has just propped and stopped in front of you without warning.

18th November, 2012 @ 05:07 pm PST

I want one. I put an air horn on my SUV to blast people who were holding traffic up while texting.

20th November, 2012 @ 09:15 am PST


I've also been riding for a very long time and agree that the horn is far down my list of priorities when in I am *personally* in an emergency situation, but the quite loud Stebel Nautilus on my bike likely saved my riding buddy's a$$ when an inattentive driver started drifting into by buddy's lane (in front of me) as we were negotiating a multi-lane exit off the freeway. A quick blast of my horn and both my buddy and the other driver were alerted to what was going on and corrected.


I agree, the horn likely is the Stebe, but the novelty/innovation here is the control circuit. I would not try to create my own horn to equal the Stebel, but would rather ... as it appears these guys have chosen to do ... stand on the shoulders of the horn's great design and make it better.

25th November, 2012 @ 04:33 pm PST
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