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Planon releases credit card-sized scanner for receipts


January 14, 2011

The Planon SlimScan SS100 is a credit card-sized high-resolution color scanner, designed for scanning and keeping track of receipts

The Planon SlimScan SS100 is a credit card-sized high-resolution color scanner, designed for scanning and keeping track of receipts

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Keeping track of receipts can be a hassle. The paper itself has a tendency to curl up, it creases very easily, and trying to sort out a sheaf of curly, creased-up receipts is no one’s idea of fun... or at least, the folks at Planon hope it isn’t. They’ve just released the SlimScan SS100, a “credit card-sized” high-resolution color scanner designed specifically for scanning receipts. The device – which was on display at CES – comes with Planon’s PaperPort SE software (for Windows only), which allows users to organize their scanned receipts once they transfer them onto their PC.

The SlimScan has a snazzy stainless steel body, and a color LCD screen that displays scans as they’re taking place. The PaperPort software allows users to sort their receipts in a variety of ways, such as by purchase type, expense category, business trip, client, travel date, location, week or month.

Besides its intended use for receipts, the company suggests it could also be used on business cards, warranties, or on price labels, when comparing prices (although in that case it might be simpler to – God forbid – use a pen and paper).

The SlimScan SS100 is now available for preorder via the Planon website, for US$119.99.

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Brilliant, have been looking for a solution to this for a long time.

However, personally I think paper receipts are completely redundant. I imagined that perhaps the retailer\'s register should just issue more detailed information to our banks when we use our cards. Though, banks seem to still use ancient technology that is incapable of storing much data with each transaction.

Actually perhaps the extra data could go straight to us, i.e. we register an email address against our credit/debit card and then any transactions received by bank are automatically emailed to us so the bank doesn\'t have to store that data.

Then silly paper receipts are no longer required.


Ashlin, What a great idea about emailing the receipts!


Hmmm...I downloaded a free scanner app for my phone that scans anything, any size, saves as a pdf and can send via email or send directly to my free DropBox® account. Can also OCR. Platform doesn\'t matter. I use both Macs and PC\'s.



What is the name of that free app?


I hope Chase reads your post. I like it.

Paul Anthony
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