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PLAiR promises to simplify streaming video from computer to TV


April 25, 2013

PLAiR is designed to make streaming video to a TV easier

PLAiR is designed to make streaming video to a TV easier

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Whether your video service of choice is YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or one of the many other choices, internet video is huge. For some users, watching videos on their smaller computer monitor does the job, but others prefer to view their movies and videos on their larger TV screen. PLAiR is a new product designed with those users in mind, as it allows them to stream content from their computer directly to a TV. The biggest thing that supposedly separates PLAiR from its competitors is the ease of use.

The device is designed such that users only need to hook it up to a display through HDMI, connect it to Wi-Fi, and download the Chrome, iOS, or Android application. From that point forward, any video played online will have a small logo that users can click on to send the video to the connected display.

The other difference between this and some other products is that it does not simply beam your entire monitor to the TV. For some users, beaming the monitor might be more useful, but in terms of ease of use, it makes sense for PLAiR to only beam the video when a user wishes.

PLAiR supports HTML 5, so almost any video from the web can be sent to a TV. Shows from most major networks' websites will work, as will popular sites like Netflix and Hulu. Users will be hard pressed to find something on the web that they cannot throw at PLAiR.

The company is taking orders for the device, but since the first run was limited, it is currently on backorder. The retail price is US$99, and PLAiR plans to have more in stock on its website soon, as well enough inventory to start shipping the device to major retailers.

The following video from the creators of PLAiR provides a demonstration of the product.

Source: PLAiR via Dvice

PLAiR How To from PLAiR on Vimeo.

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Is this thing from 2006? Who plugs their laptop into their TV anymore? I think I'll stick with the $60 Roku box I already have and control the TV like a TV.

Joe F
25th April, 2013 @ 05:27 pm PDT

My 42" TV has an XVGA adapter. What could be simpler?

26th April, 2013 @ 11:06 am PDT
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