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Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 allows DJs to mix tracks from Spotify


September 3, 2014

The Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 is a tactile DJ controller that allows DJs to mix tracks directly from Spotify

The Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 is a tactile DJ controller that allows DJs to mix tracks directly from Spotify

The days of a DJ turning up with a bag full of records to play on a pair of turntables are long gone. Today, digital music has largely taken vinyl's place and you don't even need the files on your computer any more. The new Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 allows DJs to mix tracks directly from Spotify.

The DDJ-WeGO3 isn't the first DJ controller that allows users to mix tracks from Spotify. When the Pacemaker iPad app was released in February, Spotify called it the first of its kind, whilst Numark has also released a physical controller for those who prefer a more tactile DJing experience.

The original DDJ-WeGO and its successor the DDJ-WeGO2 were aimed at beginners or budget users as a physical controller that would provide the functionality of CD decks or vinyl-emulation software. The DDJ-WeGO3 is still designed with these groups in mind, but is increasingly feature-loaded and slick-looking.

The new model has an understated and solid-looking design, with a new aluminum top plate. Thick curved edges and chunky buttons have given way to a tidier and more minimalist layout.

Pioneer has included a variety of features that you would expect to see on a professional product, such as loop, sound effect and sample controls, with a beat-syncing button also available to give a helping hand. Light effects are used to show when a track has loaded or when different modes are being used.

Users can mix on PCs and Macs from their MP3 libraries using third-party software including djay, Virtual DJ Limited Edition and Serato DJ Intro. Alternatively, it is possible to mix from an iTunes or Spotify library using Algoriddim’s djay 2 app on iOS. The device provides a dock for iOS devices that will charge them while they are in use to allay any concerns about their running out of power mid-set.

The DDJ-WeGO3 will be available from September with a suggested retail price of €299 (US$390).

The video below provides an introduction to the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3.

Source: Pioneer

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Great News! Talentless, tone deaf cretins can now butcher and shred random shrieks with rap crap without destroying vinyl! Ah, to live in 2050 when colostomy packing former street gangstas can spoon to the scintillating grunts of "Smack my bi$ch up."

Robert Walther

Someone who parachutes down to today's music scene from 20-30 years ago is going to be up for some serious culture shock. The talent is all about the gadget and what you can do to make it effect music tracks. So effecting tunes that were produced with effects, makes it...disaffecting?

The trick is to make it NOT sound like 100% machine music, but sadly, that is not what most DJ's are looking out for. I can dig some riddim tracks and house productions, but most of the scene today has little or no soul...

But don't say that to the kids who are digging this brand. Their heads are filled with disposable MP3 music that hits them 24/7 if they want it.

Still, it blows me away when I see these electronic DJ gadgets and what they can do.

Meanwhile, Robert's image of blingful geriatric gangstas getting sentimental about the good ole daze of bitch-slapping muzik had me up in stitches!

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