Pioneer's DDJ-WeGO for digital DJs


August 30, 2012

Pioneer's DDJ-WeGO DJ console is perfect for beginners, or veterans on a budget

Pioneer's DDJ-WeGO DJ console is perfect for beginners, or veterans on a budget

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When CDs replaced vinyl as the DJ format du jour, Pioneer established itself as the club standard with classics like the DJM-600 mixer and the CDJ-1000 CD player. Now that there's a whole generation of DJs coming of age who've never owned a CD in their life, Pioneer's latest bit of kit caters for the digital DJ who can't afford something like the XDJ-AERO.

The DDJ-WeGO comes with Virtual DJ software, so combined with a laptop (even a relatively ancient one) and a pair of headphones, this is everything you need to start mixing. If you're not a fan of Virtual DJ, Pioneer promises compatibility with other DJ software, and while they only mention Algoriddim's djay by name we'll presumably see support for popular software like Native Instruments' Traktor and Serato's Scratch.

There's nothing innovative here – just Pioneer quality gear that's perfect for beginners, or veterans on a budget (whether it be financial or luggage space). Remember, it's not the gear that matters, it's what you do with it.

The DDJ-WeGO will be available from October for USD$399, £249 or €299 depending on your location.

Source: Pioneer

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