Novel design opens door for ping pong fans


July 15, 2009

The Ping Pong Door becomes the site of a table tennis battles

The Ping Pong Door becomes the site of a table tennis battles

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If you think doors are wasted simply as a barrier to keep people out and you fancy your hand at the occasional bout of table tennis, albeit on a reduced scale, then a novel design by Tobias Fränzel might be right up your alley. The Ping Pong Door transforms a normal everyday door into a ping-pong table and back again in seconds.

Supposedly perfect for apartment bound ping-pong tragics with limited space the Ping Pong Door is white on one side and bright green on the reverse, which becomes the top of the table when flipped into position. If your room is painted bright green the door will blend in perfectly, but most will probably have some trouble matching the door with the décor.

The only requirements are that the rooms separated by the door obviously need to have enough room to play in, which probably rules out doors leading into hallways. After pulling the table into position it’s just a matter of attaching the plastic net and you’re ready for a (non-regulation) game. Anyone who can master a table on this scale might also need to book themselves a ticket to the next Olympics.

There’s no word on price, but the Ping Pong Door is due to go on sale early next year – although home handypeople could probably whip one up themselves without too much trouble.

Editor update 19 March 2014: According to a video posted by Fränzel last month, the Ping Pong Door has now entered very limited production.

Tobias Fränzel via Yanko Design and Gadget Grid.

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