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Pick Punch: DIY guitar picks


December 12, 2010

The Pick Punch looks and functions much like a hole punch except that rather than generati...

The Pick Punch looks and functions much like a hole punch except that rather than generating confetti it makes guitar picks

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Losing picks is the bane of a guitarist's life. Some resort to fabricating ad-hock plectrums from ice cream container lids, expired credit cards or whatever else they have lying around the house, but consistently getting the right shape is a difficult and time consuming challenge. Scissors just don't cut it ... and that's where the Pick Punch comes in.

The Pick Punch looks and functions much like a hole punch except that rather than generating confetti it makes guitar picks! The product website offers guitarists everything they need in one place to get started making their own picks.

“My goal from the beginning of this idea was to make available everything necessary to make your own guitar picks. Information, videos, pictures, tools, supplies, etc. I want it all to be available in one location,” company owner and product designer Von Luhmann told Gizmag. “I always wondered - Why has no one pursued the DIY side of guitar picks? - I could find occasional comments on various websites but no one had really pursued the idea of making it easy for guitarists to make these. There basically were no tools, supplies, or information available anywhere.”

After five years of working through the process of design, patent approval, cad and tooling, the first punch was manufactured in 2009. Currently Pick Punch comes in the traditional or 351 style pick shape which is depicted in the company logo. Upcoming designs will include a smaller Jazz pick, a teardrop pick, a smaller version of the triangle pick, and a version of the mandolin pick.

“We have a blog and also have plans for a forum where guitar players can discuss guitar picks and how to make them. We are even working on plans for a DIY guitar pick making contests complete with prizes such as a free guitar to be given to the person with the most innovative ideas,” Luhmann said.


Now you get to loose the more expensive pick punch

Paul van Dinther
12th December, 2010 @ 07:18 pm PST

I am about to say the dumbest thing I have ever said in my life......

"Why didn't I think of that?"

Mr Stiffy
13th December, 2010 @ 12:33 am PST

@ Paul Van Dinther

Thats a sick thought........... and one I share!

Let's hope they aren't too expensive!

13th December, 2010 @ 01:49 am PST

I actually did think of that! However, I did not go ahead with the idea. I do make my picks from used credit cards. It is fairly easy to mark around the edge of an existing pick with a pencil. Cut around the outline with a strong pair of scissors. then lightly rub along the edges on a piece of card. The friction softens the plastic slightly so that you can get a smooth edge. Whilst doing this, I was surprised to find very fine wires inside the credit card, well away from the metal circuit board. Strange huh? Incidentally, the raised lettering acts as a finger grip.

13th December, 2010 @ 11:57 am PST
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