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Philips to develop LED-illuminated wallpapers


July 14, 2011

Philips has announced its plans to develop wallpapers containing integrated LEDs, which wo...

Philips has announced its plans to develop wallpapers containing integrated LEDs, which would glow in variety of colors accordingly to the user's requirements (Photo: Philips)

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The future of ambient lighting might lay in glowing walls, according to Philips. The company has announced its plans to develop wallpapers containing integrated LEDs. The luminous sound-absorbing textiles would glow in variety of colors accordingly to the user's requirements. To develop the luminous wallpaper panels, Philips is collaborating with customizable acoustic panels manufacturer Kvadrat Soft Cells, based in Denmark.

Soft Cells acoustic panels are flexible and can be tailored to fit a wide variety of interiors. "They can be rearranged and reupholstered to meet changing requirements, simply and quickly," the Kvadrat Soft Cells website says. Panels are mounted on an aluminum frame with a stretching mechanism, allowing the panel to remain an appropriate tension regardless of changes in temperature or humidity.

The Philips' LED illuminated texture wallpapers could provide designers with a variety of options to create unusual interiors, suiting the purpose (and atmosphere) of the chosen space. For example, the panels' function to change colors could be integrated into an audio system and respond accordingly to the music. Taking their sound-absorbing qualities into account, the Soft Cells panels could also dampen noises and soften echoes.

Philips has announced its plans to develop wallpapers containing integrated LEDs, which wo...

Although Philips has not announced any pricing and availability details at this point, glowing wallpapers certainly won't be an inexpensive, power-saving lighting solution for the home. The technology seems to be tailored more for corporate customers, and could be seen some time from now in luxurious interiors of hotels, shops and offices.

The video below is Philips' presentation of the new project:


I Love this Product! People who like to change up their spaces can now make color and image choices on the spot.

Carlos Grados
15th July, 2011 @ 07:18 am PDT

This looks ugly and is untimely as far as being green. Philips should perfect the solar panel before wasting energy inside the house.

15th July, 2011 @ 08:47 am PDT

Is this just a large flat screen TV panel? The picture is blurry, and it is not really a wallpaper.

15th July, 2011 @ 10:30 am PDT

A product with so much potential displayed in a really stupid video. Why put light panels in front of windows-- and then show the combination in daylight? Is this the best designers can do?? The real excitement of this product lies in lighting less bright areas in daylight, and any space at night. Designers, you need to see the light!!

17th July, 2011 @ 12:11 am PDT

I realy like this product for sales applications ie show rooms in car dealerships imagine a hot firey background with a black shiney truck at night or any other background , that can change from night to day at the flick of a switch WOW how kool is that?

John Henry
18th July, 2011 @ 05:06 am PDT

I love this. I've been wondering when someone would take OLEDS and use them for wallpapers. I think the car is the next logically development. You cant do much with wallpapers, but imagine putting a thin layer of OLEDS on a car and being able to change its color at any time, or to add images on there of anything. We woudn't have to make the decision of what color car you want to buy, because you can have ALL the colors, and you could go even further than that. No more decals would be needed for you car, since you'd be able to play full blown movies, advertisements, images on it at full resolution and high quality. That's also another aspect of the wallpaper that would be next... OLEDS being used to light the walls and even play movies or have your computer screen displayed on there and having it follow you around your home. Oh the fun stuff that we're going to have in the next 20 years!

Dimi Cioly
21st July, 2011 @ 09:11 am PDT
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