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Mobile Telephone for Pets!

March 7, 2006 PetsMobility Networks' PetsCellular telephone for pets is a challenging concept. If at first glance, it seems incredibly frivolous to give an animal a cell phone, welcome to the 21 st century and the dawning of a new world of ubiquitous computing. Over the coming years we will be notionally challenged many times as microprocessors, wireless communications and sensors of all types weave a rich virtual remote global network of information about us, ours and our assets. The PetsCell is a 2-way communication device that will also be available with an optional GPS tracking chip and a fibre optic camera for search and rescue applications.  Read More

Integrated Dog Collar, Harness & Leash (and seat belt latch)

October 5, 2005 For all those people who have a dog that takes them for a walk, the Quick Control line of collars, harnesses and leashes being unveiled later this week could be just the ticket. Both the Quick Control Collar and Quick Control Harness for bigger dogs have a built-in leash/handle that enables the dog to be controlled safely in those difficult moments all dog owners dread – at the vet, in the park and when suddenly and unexpectedly confronted by an aggressive canine. We like the concept because it addresses everyday safety and control issues with a simple, smart solution but the clincher is that both can be fitted with a seat belt latch, which addresses the need for safety while traveling in cars with dogs. It's a no-brainer because it's safer for everyone, including your beloved pet.  Read More

How to stop the neighbour's dog from barking

August 18, 2005 The bark stops here! Variety International announced today the long awaited release of their new pet product, the K9 Kalmer. This is the only anti-barking device on the market that does not use pain or irritation to alter a dog's behavior. What makes the device unique is that it uses proprietary ultrasonic musical compositions -- songs that are inaudible to humans to calm anxious pets. Specifically, the K9 Kalmer was designed to stop irritating dog barking. "Dog ownership in residential communities is at an all time high," claims company president Jim Wessling. "That translates to a high nuisance factor as it relates to dog barking and the disturbance of the peace and quiet we have come to cherish in our neighborhoods."  Read More

Dog-powered Scooter

June 6, 2005 This new concept in near zero emission transportation could be just what you’re looking for, though we suspect that parking might be a problem. Seriously though folks, if you have a big dog that often takes you for a walk, here’s a great way to harness all that energy and travel the bike paths of your city at the same time. The manufacturer and inventor Mark Schuette of Oregon claims the human is in total control of the speed and direction of the dog powered scooter because the dog is harnessed inside of the frame and subject to its steering (with 90 degree turns easy) and braking force.  Read More

Pet with a purpose

It’s no secret that pets are beneficial to our general well-being with two thirds of all homes keeping a pet and research showing that children who have pets are more self-reliant, more sociable and less selfish than children without pets, that adults with pets have less stress and heart-related illness and that elderly with pets are more active and outgoing. Think pets and you tend to think of dogs (39% of US households have a dog) or cats (33%) but a new innovation might see chickens considered as ideal family pets in the future. Launched last year, the UKP365 (US$700) Eglu is the brainchild of four British Royal College of Art graduates and in its short time on the market has significantly improved the popularity of the chicken as a pet, at the same time as promoting a self-sustainability concept to families throughout the UK. Accordingly, the Eglu offers a taste of the good life for all, particularly if you’re a chicken.  Read More

Catit filtered water system for cats - and dogs!

December 13, 2004 Filtered water systems have long been used by humans who want clean and fresh drinking water, and now the idea has spread to cats. The Catit Drinking Fountain responds to your pet's need for a continuous supply of water with an innovative design that re-circulates water with greater exposure to oxygen, providing fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water for a multitude of health benefits.  Read More

The World's first hypoallergenic cats

October 29, 2004 American company ALLERCA is working to produce the world's first hypoallergenic cats - the first cats that will not affect human allergies. The resulting hypoallergenic cats will improve the health and quality of life for millions of cat-allergy sufferers. The first breed of hypoallergenic cat produced will be the British Shorthair, known to be friendly, playful and affectionate. The company expects the birth of the first kittens in early 2007, with other popular breeds to follow soon after. Cat allergen is a potent protein secreted by the cat's skin and salivary glands and the company claims the removal of the allergen will not harm the cats in any way.  Read More

A digital camera for dogs!

October 10, 2004 An interesting trend in high tech pet care seems to be developing. In recent times Gizmo has reported on the cat toilet training seat and the Bow-Lingual dog translation device. Now this week we have two new high tech products for pets - a cell phone and a digital camera. The 0.3 MPX Tomy Wonderful Shot camera straps on under the collar and at 38grams in weight and 55x52x12mm in size, is light enough to suit even the smallest pooch and perhaps even larger cats.  Read More

Doggles provide dog protection, add style

October 4, 2004 They don't just look cool - Doggles are sunglasses for dogs who, like their human companions, can benefit from protection against foreign objects like bugs or grass seeds, wind and UV light. Ideal for dogs that like to get out and about, as well as those with eye disorders that may cause sensitivity to light, Doggles include shatterproof, anti-fog lenses with 100% of UV protection and two adjustable elastic straps to keep them secure during any activity. Doggles also feature foam padding for comfort and fit, a wrap-around design for full eye protection and are available in three sizes and six different designs to suit all canine shapes and tastes at a cost of around US$24.95  Read More

Pet webcam keeps an eye on dinnertime

September 29, 2003 iSeePet is a remote communication device that allows animal-lovers to see, interact and even feed their pets via the Internet. A CCD video camera with a 130-degree angle of view is built-in to the feeding unit and images can be accessed through a dedicated website. In case Fido isn't paying attention, there's also a "dinner bell" - an electronic sound that can be activated to signal that food is on offer. Designed to cater for anxious situations where owners are unexpectedly delayed, the feed function is also controlled through the web interface and can supply the required quantity of dry pet food to your pet. iSeePet is currently available in Japan.  Read More

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