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StroboClip tuner from Peterson now shipping


September 2, 2010

Made to withstand use on the road while being instrument-finish friendly, the StroboClip t...

Made to withstand use on the road while being instrument-finish friendly, the StroboClip tuner from Peterson

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Tuner manufacturing veteran Peterson Electro-Musical Products has been helping musicians keep their instruments in check since 1948, and introduced the first true bypass strobe tuner in 2004. Responding to requests from players for a snap-on tuner, the company has announced the StroboClip. The handy tuner benefits from 0.1 cent accuracy, exclusive presets for a variety of stringed and non-stringed instruments, a sturdy, road-friendly design and a pivoted clear screen that makes for easy viewing.

Peterson says that merely offering a single LED light to indicate when a desired pitch is achieved is not accurate enough. Whereas other devices might offer users step and half step indications of pitch variations, Peterson's Strobe tuners "can accurately display any tone within its range to within 1/1000th of a semitone." Having a concert pitch range from 400 to 490Hz and a tuning range of C0 through to B6, the new StroboClip is no different.

The StroboClip's jaws are lined with soft rubber to avoid any possible damage to the finis...

In a change to previous models, the tuning display features horizontal strobe bands for maximum screen area and to make for easy viewing in various lighting conditions. The StroboClip has been designed to snap onto the headstock of acoustic instruments and its jaws are lined with soft rubber to avoid any possible damage to the finish. Players of instruments such as mandolin, banjo, violin or even Uilleann Pipes will appreciate the range of Sweetened presets, some exclusive to this device. There are also special settings for eclectic instruments of Eastern origin such as sitar and Maqam Rast.

With the inclusion of a sustain mode, the StroboClip seeks to address a problem I have often encountered in the past when using an instrument with a short voice, such as a mandolin. When activated, the setting holds the tuning pattern for a short time after the note has decayed. For regular tuning, the mode can be deactivated.

A cushioned metal carrying case is supplied for added protection

Its brushed aluminum shell should help it withstand the rigors of life on the road, but Peterson have also thrown in a cushioned metal carrying case for added protection. The StroboClip tuner is available now and carries a recommended retail price of US$89.99

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