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Periscope book light


May 5, 2008

Periscope LED Book Light in a Bookcover

Periscope LED Book Light in a Bookcover

May 6, 2008 Avid readers know the trials of keeping a book light attached to your book whilst also maintaining a comfy reading position. The new Periscope Book Light Bookcover offers a solution for both hardcover and paperback books by integrating a retractable LED into the spine.

Combining a cordless, battery powered LED light, a bookcover and a bookmark, the Periscope lets you read in all types of low-light reading environments whilst protecting the book. It works by slipping any book into the Periscope bookcover (there are separate covers for hardcover and mass market paperback books) and pulling up the retractable light that’s stored in the spine of the book cover. The Periscope's adjustable twin, wide-angle LED light automatically turns on when the arm is extended and shuts off when collapsed into the cover.

Because the light is totally adjustable, readers can put the reading light precisely where they want it for maximum reading comfort. Three AA batteries will deliver over 40 hours of continuous light.

The Periscope paperback Book Light in a Bookcover fits all mass market-sized soft cover books and carries a suggested retail price of USD$34.95, while the hardcover version retails for $39.95. A mini travel AC adapter is available for both models for a suggested retail price of $14.95.

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