Passion House M1 prefab home built to handle Nordic climes


August 22, 2013

Passion House M1 was designed by Estonian firm Architect 11 (Photo: Architect 11)

Passion House M1 was designed by Estonian firm Architect 11 (Photo: Architect 11)

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Estonian design firm Architect 11 has unveiled a new prototype modular housing unit, dubbed Passion House M1. Intended to be the first (and smallest) in a series of forthcoming similar structures, Passion House M1 can be assembled within a couple of days, and is billed as a suitable home for Nordic regions.

Passion House M1 could serve as guesthouse, summer cottage, beach house, or primary home. The one-bedroom prefab unit is delivered with furniture already installed, and features modern amenities like a shower, kitchen, and even optional sauna.

The house is constructed primarily from wood, with internal walls built from cross-laminated timber panels, and an outer stone facade. Mineral wool insulation helps keep out the elements, and the home includes a fully automated ventilation system.

Architect 11 promotes Passion House M1 as being more like a traditional stone house, rather than a flimsy prefab build, and the firm reckons the home's low energy usage, coupled with an ability to handle heavy snow loads, makes it an ideal fit for Nordic countries – and presumably anywhere else with a similar climate.

We've heard conflicting reports over some of Passion House M1's finer details, including its dimensions, so have contacted Architect 11 for clarification.

Source: Architect 11 via Arch Daily

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I think it's wonderful.

Chuck Anziulewicz

the price would be nice.


I found the prices on their home site...

I hope that helps...

Matthew Chard

It is a 130,000 euros all in... including extras...

Matthew Chard

130 000 euros Is this what you call "Affordable House" ????


Really, really nice. If nothing else, the floor plan and materials will inspire some great DIY projects.

Fritz Menzel

Very neat and tidy, but not enough details of facilities to judge, more on the kitchen and toilet would of been informative, but a very pleasing structure, but as I said short on information. regardless like it


The definition of affordable varies by area greatly. In MANY areas of Europe a price of 130,000 euros is extremely inexpensive. Where I live that would be a ridiculous price for 904 sf house. In San Francisco, that would have buyers thinking it has structural damage.

For their market, yes, I would call 130,000 euros an inexpensive home.

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