The Pariss electric roadster prototype


March 21, 2013

Pariss 2013 prototype EV

Pariss 2013 prototype EV

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From the city of lights and brought into the light at this month’s Geneva Auto Show, comes the really not originally named Pariss. A composite design mash-up with elements borrowed from Infiniti, Lotus, Pontiac Solstice and various future-tech films, the all-electric Pariss is promoted as a luxurious and eco-friendly alternative to your average gas-guzzling high-performance roadster.

Doing away with the petrol powerplant enables the Pariss to remain tight and compact at only 360 cm (11.8 ft) in length, with a wheelbase of 230 cm (7.5 ft). To further enhance the luxo-sport mandate of the Pariss, electric motors, mounted on both the front and rear axles provide 100 kW of power and give the car an all-wheel drive feel.

Weighing in at only 750 kg (1653 lbs) and with permanent power going out fore and aft, the Pariss is capable of reaching 100 kmh (60 mph) in under 5.0 seconds, which may not be that useful on the Champs-Élysées. The Pariss has a range of 200 km (120 miles) and is reported to recharge in 5 hours on a standard 220 volt outlet. There's also talk of a range-extender version that adds a further 500 km (310 miles) to the reach of the car by using a small petrol engine recharge its batteries on the fly.

Pariss’ squat framework is of the tubular steel frame mindset in order to minimize structural weight, while optimizing torsional rigidity. The body, complete with targa-roof, is of the composite build family. Inside carbon fiber, Kevlar and bits of leather and alcantara make themselves available in an upscale fashion.

The Pariss 2013 prototype was shown at this month’s Geneva Auto Show and production options are being explored for the project – though no dates or pricing have yet been announced.

Source: Pariss Electric

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A sports car that you cant take out for an hour of vigorous driving.


Looks nice, but the should-have-been-addressed questions apply - Any boot space? The targa roof - does it store back in the garage? It is no good being down town shopping without it if a storm comes along.

The Skud

120 miles, charges in 5 hours...things get better as we go...

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