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Paragliding motor trike concept heads for blue sky


November 23, 2011

The paragliding motor trike concept by Zvezdan Nedeljkovic

The paragliding motor trike concept by Zvezdan Nedeljkovic

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It seems like such a simple concept, something Q might whip up for 007 in the next Bond flick: hook a recumbent electric motorcycle up to a paraglider, drive it off a cliff and see what happens. That's the thinking behind this offering from Serbian designer Zvezdan Nedeljkovic, and while the idea of attaching vehicles to parasails is far from new, there's something about Nedeljkovic's concept design that captures the imagination.

Of course concepts tend to gloss over a host of real-world problems that need to be solved, aerodynamics, safety and durability to name just a few, but good ideas have a way of overcoming such obstacles. A good measure of enthusiasm doesn't hurt, either.

"This design is a mix of my three biggest passions- flying, motorcycling and design! I hope you like it," says Nedeljkovic. Indeed, apart from the fact that it doesn't exist, what's not to like? We'll be watching the road (and sky) in the hope that this one makes it off the drawing board.

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The concept is interesting. I don\'t see much room devoted to engine/motor space. Looks like it would have an incredibly limited range. That and two wheel in front is more stable.


\" Indeed, apart from the fact that it doesn\'t exist, what\'s not to like? \"

Indeed. Details,details...


If you want to buy a real one, the Fresh Breeze Flyke has been around long enough that all the teething issues are sorted out.


how about an affordable electric fully faired tadpole trike with some spare room for a second passenger riding behind the first----that can maintain speeds of 35 mph into a headwind, hit burst speeds of 45 mph , turn in tight corners without falling over, and recharge a 200 kilometer (120miles) worth of range in under 5 minutes. sell that for 5grand and i think you\'ll have plenty of takers.

i\'m tired of the absurd nonsense ideas on physorg that will obviously go nowhere, not even as luxury products.


It is actually a concept for a para-wing glider and not a Regallo type paraglider which is very different in terms of design and stability. The Regallo was designed for use by NASA to control the landings of returning space capsules and it also relied on long winch operated cables to control the direction of flight.

The advantage of the long cables is that the center of gravity is much lower from the center of lift and this provides a great deal of stability. The Regallo gliders that rely on a persons arms to emulate the cables to shift the center of gravity are much less stable and much more likely to flip over and crash - which is why after building one in 1964 and flying it off a hill I decided it was not a safe glider design to continue to pursue (did get a FSA award).

The design shown in the article adds a lot of weight but that is about all it adds. Current gas powered wings are in use all over the world and provide a much more flexible craft and can be stored in the back of a SUV and deployed in minutes. Often less is more.


You can \"draw\" anything. Indeed, I agree with VoiceofReason and Griffin.

Additionally, I am guessing, that the market to \"go slow\" from place to place isn\'t that large. The view would be wonderful, out the side, but otherwise, doesn\'t seem to offer much.

One of the reasons that I am intrigued by VTOL is the ability to go \"other places\" that perhaps I wouldn\'t go, either by car or plane.

If you have interest in a VTOL Personal Air Vehicle that is more conventional in nature, that does have great auto-rotational capabilities, good speed, payload and range, and is easy to fly and maintain, with a luxury car like price, I suggest you take a look at the Helodyne (

VTOL Qwerty

How do they keep the chute from tangling in the prop?

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