Paper-Kit transforms 2D portraits into a 3D model


January 24, 2013

Recreate yourself as a 3D paper model at

Recreate yourself as a 3D paper model at

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Papercraft projects tend to be based on 3D models from video games or custom-made art projects. The basic idea is to take a 3D model and flatten it out in software such as Dunreeb Cutout or Pepakura Designer by Tama software. Then you print it, cut out the parts, fold them where necessary, and paste the whole mess together. Now, thanks to, if you've got a big head – or simply want one – you can use the same technique to build an over-sized three-dimensional paper model of yourself using 2D photos.

You begin by uploading photos taken from the front, left, and right side of your head. The software automatically maps that to a 3D polygonal model, which can be fine-tuned so that your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth match up. The software then flattens the model and generates a PDF file that costs US$2 dollars to download. This is then printed to make the model. Of course, if you have long hair it's probably not going to work for you, as the software currently has no way of handling extra details like ponytails.

The finished paper model wouldn't look out of place in an N64-era video game, but on the bright side fewer polygons (or sides of the model) require less work during assembly. And because the model is hollow, if you print out a really big version you can actually wear the thing on over of your real head and creep everyone out.

Alternatively, if you've got the skills to make and texture your own model then you can also upload that to the site, but chances are if you can do that you'll be able to use the available free papercraft software to skip the site's two dollar charge. You can see part of the build process and the finished results in the videos below. Happy crafting!

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Completed head

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Can you say "carpool lane"?

Bob Ehresman

It reminds me of what characters in earlier video games looked like or the first CGI was done for movies.

I think it is cool. It seems like an inexpensive way to have a bust made of oneself. :)


2D ? is paper 2D i thought it was 3D and i also believed, (incorrectly ?) that anything that exist as entity was 3D.


Try fabric with iron on interfacing for a more durable end product. Could be crushed, and then restored with a shake.

Bill Coleman
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