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September 17, 2009

The Paper iPhone/iPod touch stand created by Julien Madérou

The Paper iPhone/iPod touch stand created by Julien Madérou

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Spent all your money just getting your hands on an iPhone or iPod touch and can’t afford a whiz-bang dock or stand to go with it? Well there’s no need to leave your beloved device simply lying about like so much deskbound flotsam and jetsam any longer, because French industrial designer Julien Madérou has come up with a stand that won’t set you back any more than the cost of a sheet of paper.

Madérou calls his origami design an iPhone and iPod touch stand/dock, but being made from paper limits its docking abilities somewhat. As a stand, though, it works well and even has a well-placed gap and slot to provide room for the docking connector and allow the charging cable to trail out neatly from the rear.

All that’s required to set yourself up with the paper stand is to download the PDF template, print it out – there is a template for both A4 and US letter paper sizes – and follow the cutting and folding instructions on the sheet, or follow the video below. Then, as Madérou might say, voilà, you have a brand new iPhone/iPod touch stand that you’re free to decorate as you see fit.

Source: LikeCOOL

Iphone Paper Dock / Stand from Dessine moi un objet on Vimeo.

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