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February 1, 2009

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February 2, 2009 Panasonic have released their new Urban Collection massage chairs with the promise of the ultimate massage in a package that still blends in with your existing décor. Each chair has four pre-set programs and eight manual modes which gives the user a possible 44 different massage combinations. If you are pressed for time you might choose the five-minute program which incorporates all eight manual modes or you can sit back and relax with a Swedish or Shiatsu massage.

The modes include a "Chiro mode" is specially designed to provide better muscle relaxation and help to improve posture by eliminating tired, over-worked muscles.

The 1285 and 1082 models are made from premium black or brown leather with brushed aluminum accents and .

The 1285 model can be reclined 170 degrees and has a 14-airbag circulation system for a more complete lower body massage. It also includes an adjustable ottoman with 14-airbags to assist in the delivery of a complete lower body massage.

The 1080 model has leather-like upholstery and a separate ottoman featuring an eight-airbag system which can also be used as a footrest.

“We have combined all of the techniques one expects in premium massage technology with a more furniture-friendly profile,” said Walter Taffarello, Group Manager, Wellness, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company.

Available now, the EP1285KL/TL and the EP1082KL-TL-Combo have a suggested retail price of USD$2699.99 and the EP1080K/L has a suggested retail price of $1699.99. The Urban Collection has been endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

For more information visit Panasonic.

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I like and take regularly massage by panasonic massage chair.

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