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Panasonic to launch first Android-powered Toughbook tablet


June 17, 2011

Panasonic introduced a 10.1'' ruggedized Toughbook tablet running Android OS.

Panasonic introduced a 10.1'' ruggedized Toughbook tablet running Android OS.

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Panasonic will introduce a ruggedized Toughbook tablet running Android OS in Q4 2011. Aimed at enterprise users, the Android Toughbook tablet will offer a sunlight-friendly matte screen, a 10.1'' XGA (1024 x 768) multi-touch display, "full-shift" battery life, GPS connectivity and an optional 3G/4G embedded modem.

Panasonic says the device will be built with functionality and real-world reliability in mind, with heightened security "embedded at the hardware level."

"The vast majority of tablet devices--regardless of the OS--are engineered for consumers and don't offer appropriate levels of security and durability or the functionality needed for business use," said Rance Poehler, president, Panasonic Solutions Company.

The new Android Toughbook tablet will be available in Q4, but Panasonic has not yet specified hardware and pricing details, or confirmed which version of Android OS it will run. It will join the Windows 7-based, 10.4'' Toughbook H1 Field in Panasonic's rugged tablet range.

Source: Crunchgear


This is a tablet I might buy, mainly because of the matte screen.

Glossy screens are terrible unless you are playing video games in a dark room with the blinds closed.

If I buy a tablet it will be used for business and personal use, in a well lit area 99% of the time.


Panasonic toughbook is a great buy. With its powerful performance and amazing features, it is simply irresistible.

Nimfa Collins
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