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Panasonic shows slimline prototype plasmas


May 1, 2009

Panasonic's prototype 8.8mm thin 50-inch plasma

Panasonic's prototype 8.8mm thin 50-inch plasma

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May 1, 2009 Panasonic is giving Australian consumers a glimpse of future plasma display technologies first showcased at CES 2009. The two 50-inch prototype plasma TVs demonstrate next generation improvements to materials and processes, cell design, and circuit and drive technology, resulting in less energy consumption and twice the luminous efficiency of earlier models, all in an ultra-thin 8.8mm thick package.

Panasonic's improved "NeoPDP" ultra thin technology achieves triple luminance efficiency and reduces power consumption to 1/3 of the company's 2007 models, while achieving the same brightness in a panel that measures just 8.8mm (around 1/3 of an inch) thick.

The thinner profile was enabled by advancements made to the panel structure and circuit layout. There's also a 1080p Wireless HD-based transmission system that does away with cable clutter and allows users more setup flexibility – an area that plasma has traditionally come of second best in comparison to LCD.

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