Health & Wellbeing

FitSleep wants to beam you with alpha waves to provide better sleep

Thanks to stress, device overload and other factors, the world is getting less sleep and, as a result, the gadget market is becoming increasingly populated with sleep devices that promise better rest. One of the latest concepts comes from Xuan Yao, a Chinese designer and entrepreneur whose company FitSleep is trying to break into the market with a new device called the FitSleep α1 that uses alpha waves to beam us into better sleep. Read More


Polarized lasers zap dyed DNA into super resolution

DNA may be one of the most basic molecules of life, but it's not easy to study. Despite being a very long molecule, it's only about 2.2 nanometers wide, so it's hard to see. Attaching fluorescent dyes to it can help, but until now, knowing how those dye molecules were behaving wasn't possible. A team of scientists at Stanford University has built on a technique called "single-molecule microscopy" to see just how DNA-bound dye molecules orient themselves, flop around and glow in the presence of polarized laser light.Read More

Mobile Technology

uLink lets users link apps together like web pages

The web's utility rests on its connectedness, the so-called "deep links" that take you to specific pages on a website rather than just its landing page. But in the mobile app ecosystem such interconnectedness is both rare and time-intensive to setup. Researchers from Microsoft Redmond lab hope to change this with uLink, which allows linking to and between specific, individual locations within different mobile apps – kind of like browser bookmarks for apps.Read More


First Zika vaccine to enter human trials

The World Health Organization declared it a global public health emergency in February, and it now looks like a heightened response to the Zika virus is starting to bear fruit. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved the first human trials of an experimental Zika virus vaccine, with the first subjects set to receive doses in the coming weeks.Read More


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