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— Wearable Electronics

LG's hexagonal battery gives an extra charge to round smartwatches

By - June 30, 2015 1 Picture

If you want a smartwatch with week-long battery life, then you're better off with something like Pebble than a color touchscreen watch – they typically only last a day or two. But South Korea's LG Chem, the country's largest chemical company and part of the same corporate LG umbrella that also makes smartphones like the LG G4 and the LG G Watch Urbane smartwatch, reportedly has taken a step towards addressing the issue with a new hexagonal smartwatch battery.

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— Automotive

New tech, similar face for new lightweight Audi A4

By - June 30, 2015 30 Pictures

It might look like all the other Audis that have been launched in the past few years, but you're staring at the brand-new, totally redesigned A4. Wider and longer than the car it replaces, the new A4 is a technological showpiece that takes advantage of autonomous driving tech and a lightweight construction to save fuel and improve performance. The A4 will also be aiming to continue Audi's reputation for crafting beautiful, bulletproof cabins by combining high-tech infotainment interfaces with high-quality materials and slick design.

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— Health and Wellbeing

Nox Smart Sleep System offers suggestions to improve slumber

By - June 30, 2015 7 Pictures

Earlier this year, China's Sleepace successfully crowdfunded and shipped a 2 mm thick smart strap that lays on the bed and monitors a user's sleep time, heart rate and breathing, body movement and sleep cycles. The RestOn then sends the collected data to a companion app running on a Bluetooth-paired smartphone for analysis. Now the company has added a smart light to the system called the Nox, which works in conjunction with the RestOn to help monitor, track and improve sleep quality.

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— Environment

European climate at mercy of retreating sea ice

By - June 30, 2015 1 Picture

An international team of scientists has found that retreating sea ice between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans is linked to weakened air-sea heat exchange in the region. This, it warns, could result in a cooler climate in western Europe and an altered or slower Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), which would have knock-on effects for the Gulf Stream and consequently for the atmosphere.

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— Robotics

Mind-controlled telepresence robot to get paralyzed people out and about

By - June 30, 2015 2 Pictures

A telepresence robot developed at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) that can be controlled by thought may give people with severe motor disabilities a greater level of independence. Successfully put through its paces by 19 people scattered around Central Europe – nine of whom are quadriplegic and all of whom were hooked up to a brain-machine interface – the robot handled obstacle detection and avoidance on its own while the person controlling it gave general navigation instructions.

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— Digital Cameras

Spherical, throwable Explorer camera to land in 100 US police departments

By - June 29, 2015 5 Pictures

After showing the world a prototype throwable camera in 2012, Bounce Imaging is sending 100 of its Explorer cameras to police departments across the US. The Boston-based company originally conceived the idea of a throwable camera in an attempt to improve safety for first responders, but quickly gained interest from police departments whose personnel are often forced to jump headlong into potentially dangerous situations without a clear picture of what they'll face.

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