Mercedes GT R brings a little Green Hell to Goodwood

From the Nürburgring, to Brooklands, and on to Goodwood, the Mercedes-AMG GT R debuts as a fully optimized weapon for tracks around the world. Mercedes promises that the 577-hp (430-kW) car is packed with more motorsport-inspired tech than any other production car in its history. And just in case that's not enough to get everyone's attention, the "Green Hell magno" paint should do the trick.Read More

Xiaomi rolls out Mi Qicycle foldable eBike

Xiaomi is a giant of the Chinese electronics world, and since releasing its first smartphone in 2011, it has branched out into a range of consumer electronic devices, including drones, smart TVs and fitness bands. Now, joining its personal mobility offerings is a new foldable eBike called the Mi Qicycle.Read More


Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion does some more heavy lifting

The Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion helicopter has flexed its muscles, lifting a 27,000-lb (12,245-kg) payload at Sikorsky's Development Flight Test Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. The demonstration flight, which saw the aircraft hover while carrying a little less than the weight of a double-decker bus, was part of the development and testing program for the transport helicopter slated to enter service with the United State Marine Corps by the end of the decade.Read More


Plant-inspired material becomes a liquid-wicking straw when wet

When it comes to hazardous fluids, the less that researchers have to lean in close and finely manipulate them, the better. It was with this in mind that scientists at the Australian National University recently developed a new material that does something special when exposed to liquid – it rolls itself into a straw-like tube, which the liquid is then propelled through.Read More


"Lucky imaging" creates fiery composite of Jupiter

At this moment, the Juno spacecraft is hurtling towards Jupiter where it is set to take up orbit on July 4. To help map the planet for that rendezvous, the European Southern Observatory has used an instrument on its Very Large Telescope to create a stunning image of the solar system's largest planet. To bring the image to life, the space agency relied on a technique known as "lucky imaging."Read More


Nanotech coating puts an end to wasted shampoo

Shampoo, ketchup, liquid soap, dishwashing liquid – they all come in bottles made from the same kind of plastic, polypropylene, and they're all infamous for being extremely difficult to empty. The last dregs just don't want to come out. Some of us try to squeeze the last drops out by adding a bit of water and turning the bottle upside down, but now Ohio State researchers have devised a better solution: a microscopic lining that lets the products slide right off.Read More


Typhoon H drone taps Intel's 3D-mapping tech for collision-free flight

Electric aircraft-maker Yuneec made a bit of a splash when it landed at CES earlier this year with its Typhoon H hexacopter. With folding landing gear and a swivelling 4K camera, the drone was impressive enough, but what really created a buzz was the demonstration of an advanced model with the impressive ability to steer clear of obstacles. Developed by Intel, this sense-and-avoid technology is now coming out to play, with Yuneec making its tree-dodging Typhoon H Pro available for preorder.Read More


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