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Review: 560G is claimed to be "world's lightest high-security bike lock"

When it comes to bike locks, there are two main types: heavy but effective U-locks, and lighter but less secure setups such as cables with padlocks. Well, Altor Locks is out to change that. Its compact new 560G weighs just 1.23 lb (or 560 grams, hence the name), yet is claimed to be extremely theft-resistant. We recently had the chance to try out a demo unit for ourselves.Read More


Hubble discovers new moon in our Solar System

A team of astronomers has announced the discovery of a new moon located in the far reaches of our Solar System, orbiting the little-known dwarf planet Makemake. Tentatively designated S/2015 (136472), or MK 2 for short, this newest addition to our little patch of the Milky Way could shed light on the enigmatic nature of minor planets traversing the Kuiper Belt.Read More


Tula cuts cylinders to boost fuel economy

Cylinder deactivation is nothing new, it's been used in the automotive industry for decades. A new system called Dynamic Skiip Fire from Tula Technologies takes this idea to a new level, however, with significant fuel economy gains as a result – especially in heavy-duty applications.Read More


The world's tiniest thermometer is made from DNA

Researchers at the University of Montreal have created a thermometer that's an astonishing 20,000 times smaller than a single human hair. The work could lead to significant improvements in our understanding of how the human body functions on the nanoscale.Read More


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