Carla Cargo trailer gives your bike (or body) serious electric muscle

More than just cutesy front baskets and simple rear racks, bicycle cargo hauling has become serious business. Joining big-load tools like the Velove Armadillo, the German-designed Carla Cargo electric bicycle trailer upgrades your bike for loads up to 330 lb (150 kg) and 53 cu ft (1.5 cu m). Not only can it power those loads behind your bike, but it also unhitches and rolls as a powered hand truck.
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High performance transistors created on flexible plastic sheets

Using a technique known as nanoimprint lithography, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and partners have created a breakthrough method to allow the simple manufacture of inexpensive, high-performance, wireless-capable, flexible Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors that overcome many of the operation problems encountered in devices manufactured using standard techniques. Created on large rolls of pliable plastic, these MOSFETs could be used to make a host of devices ranging from wearable electronics to bendable sensors.
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Volkswagen turns to the Miller Cycle for improved efficiency

Manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned in the quest to improve the efficiency of their internal combustion engines. Just this week, we've seen a fastidiously engineered diesel engine from Ford and a camless engine from Qoros. Now Volkswagen, no stranger to doing whatever it takes to lower consumption (figures), has joined the party by releasing a 1.5-liter Miller Cycle engine tasked with improving fuel consumption and increasing low-down torque. Read More

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The Project Management Bundle Helps You Take Control — Now 73% off

As a team leader, progress can be painfully slow unless you have the skillset to motivate your colleagues while managing time and cost. No wonder talented project managers are so in demand. The best way to enter the sector is with a certificate to your name, so that is exactly what the Project Management Bundle focuses on. The five included courses work toward two industry-recognized exams, and you can start learning now for $65.Read More

Automotive Review

Video Review: Toyota Fortuner shines off the beaten track

We've already revealed what we think about the Toyota Fortuner in our road test, but now it's time to see it in action. It mightn't be the most refined performer on the road, but we quickly discovered it feels right at home in the bush. With seven seats and plenty of space for all your kit, it suits intrepid parents who neglected to swing by the condom aisle before getting busy. Enjoy our video review, complete with some gorgeous drone shots!Read More


Kilkea adds touch of luxury to container ships

Your average container ship could never be described as luxurious, but the Kilkea is not your average container ship. To be built on the shell of an old Vard 1-08 platform supply vessel, instead of shipping containers, the Kilkea will be repurposed to take you and 36 of your closest friends to all corners of the globe in sumptuous comfort.

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Motorcycles Review

2016 BMW C650 Sport and GT review: Hunting sportsbikes on a maxi-scooter

BMW says its new C650 Sport and GT maxi-scooters represent its "urban mobility" range - but that seriously undersells the ability these things show on the open road. Sure, they're a great way to get passengers and luggage through city traffic, but with standard ABS and traction control, revised suspension and a focus on sporty handling, the C650 is more than capable of bagging sportsbike scalps in the twisties. Loz Blain went hunting.Read More


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