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The Pioneer PDP-6020FD

Pioneer's new line of KURO plasma displays feature black levels five times deeper than the previous award-winning KURO, plus SRS WOW HD technology incorporating SRS Definition and Optimum Mode, which adjusts the picture based on video and room light conditions.  Read More

E-Ink's next generation segmented display cells (SDC)

Responsible for the first consumer application of an electronic paper display module when it teamed up with Sony to release the LIBRI e-Book reader in 2004, E Ink has now announced availability of its next generation segmented display cells (SDC). The new SDCs are 40% thinner with a wider operational temperature range and increased flexibility for repetitive 3-D bends or 2-D conformable solutions.  Read More

Ingenious fold-up Swissbike

Despite the obvious advantages of having a bicycle which can be folded for ease of transportation or storage, a compromise in performance compared with conventional bikes is inherent in many existing designs - usually due to smaller wheel sizes, less than ideal seating positions and structural instability. Although we've uncovered some outstanding examples of innovative, lightweight collapsible bikes over the years, only a select few have offered a combination of full-size performance and fold-up convenience. Joining this group is the SwissBike, a civilian spin-off of a platform first developed for use in military transport and parachute airdrop by Massachusetts based bicycle manufacturer Montague Corporation. The range is headed-up by the flagship SwissBike XO - a full size mountain bike with 26” wheels that folds down to a 36" x 28" x 12" size in under 30 seconds via a quick-release system that doesn't require tools.  Read More

SPARK programs robots with insect perception

The EU-funded SPARK project has developed a perceptual control architecture that allows robots to adapt to cluttered and changing environments, and learn from experience – an ability that may eventually suit it to disaster or war zones. The design is based on the neural processes of insects, and allows robots to form a unique, abstract representation of the environment, and modulate their behavior accordingly.  Read More

Hitachi Travelstar 7K320 HDD

Hitachi has begun shipment of its fourth-generation 7,200 RPM mobile hard drive, the Travelstar 7K320. The new drive delivers 60 percent higher capacity than its predecessor, while improving application performance by 12 percent and power consumption by 22 percent. The 320GB Travelstar 7K320 features a SATA 3Gb/s interface and fast media transfer rates to provide faster file copying and document retrieval, better graphics and improved game performance. A best-in-class operating shock protection of 400Gs minimizes the effects of rough handling and vibration and with power utilization on par with Hitachi’s 5,400 RPM mobile drives, users can enjoy more “unplugged” notebook computing time.  Read More

JVC's 8K4K JVC D-ILA (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier)

1080p high definition might be well and good for your average lounge room TV screen, but cinema projectors need to offer something vastly more impressive if the movies are going to continue to offer a bigger, clearer and more impressive viewing experience than your average cashed-up punter can now get at home. The new ultra-high res standard would now appear to be set with Super Hi-Vision: 7,680 pixels across by 4,320 pixels high (approximately 32-megapixel images) - and JVC have now released a display device capable of showing 35 megapixels at once. The 8K4K JVC D-ILA (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier) has a resolution more than 17 times the level of standard HDTV, and is now the highest-resolution projection display device on the planet.  Read More

The insect terminator tennis racket

An early contender for the bang-per-buck gadget of the year is the Bug Bat - a handheld insect killer that delivers a high voltage zap. With the form factor of a tennis racket, anything that touches the “strings” on the racket face is delivered a powerful electric shock – more than enough to send any insect it comes in contact with it into the hereafter. The scariest feature is its compelling nature: once you’ve heard the electric crackle of death from a pinpoint backhand, otherwise rational and balanced humans get a look in their eye like the dog that tasted blood. This product bats way beyond its sub-US$20 price range in terms of enjoyment and usefulness.  Read More

HTC launches Touch Diamond mobile phone

Drawing immediate comparisons with Apple's iPhone, Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC has unveiled its new flagship product, the HTC Touch Diamond. The new handset is the latest addition to the company's product platform which began with the launch of the HTC Touch in June 2007 and boasts an array of innovative features led by a 3D touch interface called TouchFLO 3D and enhanced web-browsing capabilities that enable one-handed zoom and panning navigation plus automatic rotation from a portrait to landscape view when the device is turned on its side. Housed in an eye-catching brushed steel casing with faceted edges, the handset also sports a 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera, 4 GB internal memory, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi 802.11b/g and integrated GPS.  Read More

Niles Audio Corporation outdoor speakers

Hooking up an outdoor sound system for your backyard can be unsightly with big black speakers unable to blend in with the surrounds. This line of camouflaged outdoor speakers from Niles Audio Corporation is designed to address these issues and look like common backyard items.  Read More

Diamond Simulation launches new generation of flight simulator

Diamond Simulation has developed a new generation of flight simulators, under the designation D-SIM-NG. The simulators include new, more powerful P2/P3 software, the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, the Tropos 1000 visual system, and the True Environment ATC simulation program.  Read More

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