Highlights from the 2014 LA Auto Show
The E+ Electric Bike

With the increasing popularity of the electrically assisted pushbike we are starting to see some innovative designs hit the market. While hub motors are the number one solution for mounting the electric motor within a bike frame, either in the front or rear wheel, mounting the battery pack and motor drive electronics has remained a challenge when taking into consideration practically and aesthetics. The folks at Electric Motion Systems think they have the answer with a combination of a 750 watt rear wheel mounted hub motor with built-in motor drive electronics paired with a battery pack mounted in the front wheel hub.  Read More

Allio Lite TV/PC combo

Silicon Mountain Holdings has announced the release of the Allio Lite, the latest offering from their range of popular Allio converged LCD HDTV/PC... and it's at a lower price point. The Allio Lite is available in a 42-inch 1080p model or a 32-inch 720p model, and features the same selection of inputs (2 x HDMI, 1 x s-video & audio, 1 x DVI, 2 x component, 6 USB, 1 x eSATA) and outputs (1 x HDMI, 1 x optical audio) as the original Allio models.  Read More

A similar Heliostat array already operating in Australia

If ever there was a perfect candidate for solar power, the north-west Australian town of Cloncurry is it. The town has long claimed the title of Australia's hottest recorded day - 53 degrees Celsius in the shade in 1889 - and is now is gearing up to produce solar thermal power capable of supplying all of ts electricity needs, 24-hours a day. The system will use up to 8000 mirrors will reflect sunlight onto graphite blocks through which water will be pumped to generate steam that will operate a conventional steam turbine electricity generator. Because heat stays in the graphite, the system will work through the night and on overcast days.  Read More

The Protonex SPM power manager

Smaller, lighter, and easier to configure than previous models, Protonex' new line of power managers reduce the amount of batteries soldiers have to carry into the field and streamline the recharging of electronics. The latest line feature six configurable power ports and provide troops with greater and easier access to man-packable equipment such as the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver, the Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio, the PRC-119 radio system, Night Vision, BB 2590 batteries, PDAs and solar blankets.  Read More

80% of wars occur in biological hotspots

Since the rise of the state some 5,000 years ago, large scale warfare has been a permanent global fixture. History shows that the motivations for war are different for those ordering the conflict than for those undertaking it and now a startling new study has found 80 percent of the world's major armed conflicts occur in biological hotspots. That is, the richest storehouses of life, the areas essential for both biodiversity conservation and human well-being, are also the regions of the most human conflict. Millions of the world's poorest people live in hotspots and depend on healthy ecosystems for their survival. Is it time for civilization to take political and social responsibility and protect these places? It certainly makes more sense than fighting over oil!  Read More

San Francisco gets EV charging stations

As part of a two-year public demonstration project conducted with the City of San Francisco three Coulomb charging stations have been installed across the street from City Hall. Announced at a press conference with the Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom, these charge points are the first in 40 to be installed in the City’s efforts to transform the Bay Area into the EV Capital of the United States. The charge points are intended to allow on-street charging the city's municipal fleet of electric vehicles, as well as those owned by car-sharing services City CarShare and Zipcar.  Read More

Samsung Memoir 8 mpx touchscreen camera phone

Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile USA finally unveiled the mobile world's best unkept secret, the 8-megapixel touch-screen Memoir camera phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, using supermodel and photographer Helena Christensen as the celebrity spokeseperson and evangelist. The phone will be available exclusively through T-Mobile USA beginning February 25, 2009.  Read More

Siftables combine neighbor detection, motion sensing and wireless communication

It is believed that many children and adults learn best when they use their hands to perform a task, and for young children, play-based activities are essential for acquiring knowledge. This new design concept cleverly combines both hands-on and play-based learning in one very cool but tiny package. Siftables are small computer blocks with the capacity to interface with each other using a combination of neighbor detection, motion sensing and wireless communication. The user manipulates them by hand and with each process, whether it is sorting, grouping or even piling, the blocks continue to interact with each other.  Read More

iPhone app creates card counting device

Looks like crafty iPhone app developers have come up with another handy use for the iPhone. The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that California gaming authorities are warning their Nevada neighbors to be on the lookout for gamblers using blackjack card-counting programs such as Card Counter or A Blackjack Card Counter that run on either the iPhone or iPod Touch.  Read More

The Touchless Car Cover

Keeping your just-washed-and-polished car looking good longer and protecting it from the elements is a problem faced by motoring enthusiasts the world over. Enter the Touchless Car Cover: a ‘drive in, drive out’ cover that takes less than a minute to set-up and helps protect your car from rain, sun, dirt and mildew without, as the name suggests, sitting directly on your paintwork like standard covers which tend to trap moisture.  Read More

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