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Google Earth moves to become Google Universe

The world is not enough for Google Earth. The groundbreaking free application already provides satellite photos, maps, street-level photos and a vast range of data overlays for most of the planet, and its latest incarnation looks to the heavens as well. A fantastic resource for backyard astronomers, the new Sky module lets users explore the planets, stars, constellations and galaxies of the night sky, including high resolution highlights from the Hubble Space Telescope and useful information overlays.  Read More

Removing dangerous bacteria

The World Health Organisation estimates that there are 76 million cases of food caused illness every year in the United States. Aimed at making food preparation safer, the CulinaryPrep kitchen appliance claims to remove up to 99.5% of bacteria, including Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli - three strains categorised by the WHO as major food-borne diseases.  Read More

Charmr design concept

Many diabetics have lamented for years that devices related to their disease (although life saving) are bulky, uncomfortable and altogether “uncool”. The Charmr is a new concept device that would combine an insulin pump and monitor into one in an effort to give those with diabetes with a much more modern look an added functionality in of delivery treatment.  Read More

MOTO Q music 9m

Motorola has introduced a new smartphone that seeks to build on the ergonomic design and multimedia capabilities of its predecessor the Motorola Q. The sleek MOTO Q music 9m features a QWERTY keyboard, a side-scroll thumbwheel and dedicated keys for one-handed navigation and supports over-the-air music downloads using Verizon’s V CAST 3G EV-DO network.  Read More

Ford Verve supermini concept

UPDATED NEW IMAGES Ford will show its vision for the future of small cars at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show in the form of the Verve. The new concept car hints at the new design direction for future compact cars and the company plans to closely gauge public reaction while their designers work behind the scenes creating Ford's next supermini generation.  Read More

Sony accelerates PS3 and PSP convergence with PVR and GPS accessories

In an ironic twist on the convergence theme, Sony has made some significant announcements at the Games Convention in Leipzig moving the PS3 and PSP towards becoming general entertainment and convenience platforms. Announcements included a TV Tuner and PVR software for PS3, a Video Download Service for PSP in conjunction with BSkyB, a voice chat, video chat and instant messaging service for PSP, and a satellite navigation accessory for PSP. On top of the recent release of the EUR50 Go!Cam which turns a PSP into a video and still camera, the “c” word (convergence) is very relevant.  Read More

Uranus's Rings turn edge-on to Earth for the first time

August Uranus is coasting through a brief window of time when its rings are edge-on to Earth. It's not the first time they've been edge-on, which they do every 42 years, but it is the first time they've been edge on since they were discovered. Astronomers peering at the rings with ESO's Very Large Telescope and other space or ground-based telescopes are hence getting an unprecedented view of the fine dust in the system, free from the glare of the bright rocky rings. They may even find a new moon or two. The pic shows Uranus surrounded by its rings and some of the moons, as they appear on a near-infrared image that was obtained in the Ks-band (at wavelength 2.2 _m) with the ISAAC multi-mode instrument on the 8.2-m VLT ANTU telescope.  Read More

Consumer Survey shows the decline of TV as the Primary Media Device

August A new IBM survey of consumer digital media and entertainment habits shows audiences are more in control than ever and increasingly savvy about filtering marketing messages. The global findings overwhelmingly suggest personal Internet time rivals TV time. Among consumer respondents, 19 percent stated spending six hours or more per day on personal Internet usage, versus nine percent of respondents who reported the same levels of TV viewing. 66 percent reported viewing between one to four hours of TV per day, versus 60 percent who reported the same levels of personal Internet usage. The survey results are available as a free download.  Read More

Pottery Barn’s Daily System with Recharge Station

Isn’t it strange how people who are masters of the digital realm often struggle with arranging real world objects into a functional office. For these proponents of the geographic strata method of desktop filing (aka anarchy) who would like to get organized but just can’t find a spot for everything, Pottery Barn’s Daily System is well worth a look. It has a series of modular components (corkboard, letter bin, magazine rack, magnetic chalkboard, whiteboard calendar, an office organizer with three hooks for keys, slots etc) which can mix and match to suit even the most dyslexic brain. Pick of the bunch is a new Recharge Station that incorporates Smart Technology so you can organize electronic devices and recharge MP3 players, handhelds, mobile phones and laptops all in one place.  Read More

RockBand: think Guitar Hero plus drums and vocals

There is no more exciting yet-to-be released video game than the upcoming music-based game, Rock Band. It’s day one at the Games Convention in Liepzig and we haven’t seen everything yet, but we can safely say it’s the release of the show. It has been previously seen at E3 but with ten new tracks announced and the news that a special version announced for the 50 million installed base of PS2s in Europe, the game looks set to smash sales records when it is released in the coming holiday season. Even if you’ve never looked at a game previously, Rock Band might well turn you into a rabid gaming enthusiast. It's like Guitar Hero, except it also delivers bass guitar, drums or vocals and combines the lot so you can play collectively as a group, which multiplies the fun several magnitudes. Gizmag’s gaming blog also managed to get its hands on the game at Liepzig and you can read those first impressions here.  Read More

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