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Metal Storm developing Non-Lethal Weapon System

Better known for its highly lethal Stacked Projectile Electronic Ballistics Technology which enables one gun to fire a million rounds a minute, Metal Storm has received a contract from the United States Marine Corps Systems Command to demonstrate capabilities for a Mission Payload Module – Non-Lethal Weapons System (MPM-NLWS) designed to provide the warfighter a non-lethal counter-personnel capability.  Read More

The Optimus Pultius keyboard

We've been following the Russian-based design studio Art. Lebedev for some time now, starting with the Optimus keyboard. We've since seen the Upravlator, the Optimus mini three and the Optimus Tactus. Meet the newest addition to the Optimus family, the 15-key Pultius.  Read More

DICE Electronics Universal Car kit for iPod

DICE Electronics have joined the glut of FM iPod transmitters already on the market with their Universal Car kit for iPod. The offering from DICE however differs from its competitors by using FM RDS technology - the communications protocol standard that sends small amounts of digital information such as time, track/artist info and station ID alongside conventional FM radio broadcasts. Using RDS allows song and artist name info from the iPod to show up on the screen of a compatible car radio.  Read More

Honlai Technology's MP101

For those that find the touch screen on their iPod Touch or new 3G iPhone too small, Honlai Technology have introduced their QingBar MP101 iPhone projector. The portable unit that measures 102mm wide x 76mm long x 54mm high can throw images from 15 to 27-inches onto a wall or screen in a 4:3 aspect ratio at 640 x 480 (VGA) pixel resolution.  Read More

Sony HT-IS100 BRAVIA Theatre Micro System

No, that’s not a giant strawberry in the accompanying picture – it’s a mini speaker. The Sony HT-IS100 BRAVIA Theatre Micro System is a 5.1 channel system delivering 450 watts (RMS) of power through a subwoofer with integrated 32-bit S-Master digital amplifier and five incredibly small speakers roughly the size of a golf ball. Designing the system at people who don’t want their home theater system to overpower their décor Sony says the “HT-IS100 packs all the power of a conventional home theater system in five discrete speakers that practically disappear in your living room.”  Read More

Open Air Cinema's Inflatable Outdoor movie theater

Movie nights are always a great way to have a good time with family and friends and you could really "wow" them this summer by leading them through the house and outside to your personal open-air theater in the backyard. Open Air Cinema's CineBox backyard home theater package includes an inflatable movie screen, projector, powerful speakers and DVD player to make your movie night under the stars a real cinema experience.  Read More

Race Driver: GRID

Codemasters returned to their prior reputable standing as racing game developers with the release of Colin McRae DIRT last June. This year, Race Driver: GRID resurrects another last-gen favorite for the current generation of consoles - here's our full review.  Read More

iHome's ZN9 Dual Alarm, Stereo Clock Radio

With all the third party devices released for the all conquering iPod it can be easy to forget that there are actually other digital media players on the market. Like Logitech’s iPod Pure-Fi Dream and Altec Lansing’s iM600, the new ZN9 Dual-Alarm Stereo Clock Radio from iHome turns a digital music player, this time Microsoft's Zune, into a clock radio so you can wake to the sounds of your music library.  Read More

Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick, the infamous computer hacker who was sentenced to solitary confinement in 1999 after prosecutors spun stories of his ability to "start a nuclear war by whistling into a telephone," has signed a deal with Little, Brown and Company to publish his autobiography.  Read More

The Logitech Driving Force Wireless force feedback wheel

Following the release of the Driving Force GT, the official wheel of Gran Turismo for the PS3 just a couple of months ago, Logitech have followed up with the one-piece Driving Force Wireless force feedback racing wheel for the PS3.  Read More

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