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Aggressive - Quattroporte Sport GT S

Maserati have announced the worldwide preview of the new Quattroporte Sport GT S at the upcoming Frankfurt Motorshow. Labelled the “ultimate expression of Maserati’s saloon sportiness”, the Quattroporte Sport GT S is equipped with an automatic 6-speed gearbox, racing suspension, a unique braking system strengthened by dual-cast discs and an aggressive facade marked by black double exhaust pipes and 20”, seven-spoke chrome wheels.  Read More

A2 - designed to reach Mach 5

Imagine long-distance air-travel that could get you to the other side of the globe in less than a quarter of the time it presently takes? Researchers from Reaction Engines, a company created for design and development of advanced space transport and propulsion systems, are investigating the possibility of hypersonic civil transport in a three year study to examine the feasibility of reducing long-distance flights (e.g. from Brussels to Sydney) to less than 4 hours.  Read More

Nissan’s stunning Mixim all-electric concept

At this year’s 62nd Frankfurt Motor Show, Nissan will be showing its Mixim Concept Car - a compact vehicle for young drivers who are mostly engaged by their computer and the world via the internet. The driver sits centrally, with two seats either side, while the steering wheel and controls are inspired by the interfaces so familiar to computer gamers.  Read More

Ford vehicle dynamics manager Norbert Kessing led development of new Mondeo's active suspe...

August Ford is set to make a major production milestone with the launch of an active suspension system on the new Ford Mondeo. Available as a UKP650 option in the UK, that not only provides a comfortable ride but combines this with sportiness and safety. Ironically, sound pioneer Amar Bose was the first to devise a suspension system designed to do exactly what it should do rather than approximating it with springs and dampers, but Ford looks set to be the first to offer it on a regular production car. Called Interactive Vehicle Dynamic Control (IVDC), the system offers near constant suspension adjustment to match desired ride with road conditions and driving style  Read More

Surround Vision projects perfect images on surfaces of any shape

UPDATED HI-RES IMAGES Projecting brilliantly sharp images as a single picture onto curved surfaces has previously been a very elaborate and expensive process. Now a new software system automatically calibrates the projectors needed so that the images are superimposed with pixel-precise accuracy. The technology promises so many applications from enhancing the planitarium experience to creating compelling immersive viewer experiences in trade show booths, show stages, multiplexes, theme parks, product presentations and advanced simulators. Download the brochure here.  Read More

Cruzer Micro USB Flash drive

Not so long ago we were using floppy disks with a 1.44mb capacity to save and transfer documents, even more recently a 500Mb thumb drive seemed like a revolution, but now it's all a matter of routine to be counting in gigabytes. SanDisk has introduced an 8 gigabyte model (that's the equivalent to 5555 floppy disks) of its Cruzer Micro USB Flash drive, double the largest capacity previously available in the Cruzer Micro line.  Read More

The first speakers with crystal membranes

One of the first innovations to be shown at IFA 2007 in Berlin will be a new speaker technology that employs crystal membranes in its quest for perfect sound reproduction. The drive units in the new ELAC 240 series are characterised by stunningly three dimensional soundwave propagation and the new transducer system for bass and midrange uses a highly rigid aluminium membrane with an angled crystalline surface structure.  Read More

NASA and Boeing executives pose for a photo in front of a model of an Ares I rocket. Photo...

Boeing has been awarded a lucrative contract worth more than $500 million to create part of a new NASA crew launch vehicle for Ares I, the rocket set to succeed the space shuttle as NASA’s primary vehicle for human exploration in the next decade. Boeing Space Exploration will manufacture a key element which will provide navigation, guidance, control and propulsion required for the ascent of the second-stage Ares I rocket into low-Earth orbit.  Read More

Cooline - personal cooling vest

This thermal cooling vest from COOLINE has been developed to meet the concern of climate related health issues and combat the enormous stress heat can cause on the human body. Worn under or over everyday clothing to cool the body directly, the vest is designed as a functional piece of clothing that is simply filled with water from the tap and uses evaporative cooling to regulate body temperature.  Read More

RipRoar Creation Station - Click image to enlarge

This new video creation system designed for tweens enables the creation, editing and one-touch uploading of videos directly to YouTube. Toy manufacturer ToyQuest recently announced the release of the US$99.99 RipRoar Creation Station, which features the ability to shoot in "green screen" and drop in background animation.  Read More

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