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Flash file format becomes indexable

In a move that will inevitably lead to a richer user experience on the internet, Adobe is teaming up with Google and Yahoo! to enhance search engine indexing of the Flash file format (SWF). This will dramatically improve search results of dynamic Web content and rich Internet applications (RIAs) because for the first time they will be discoverable by search engines.  Read More

Evergreen's 747-based Supertanker: the largest firefighting aircraft in the world.

As global temperatures slowly increase, a number of nations, including the USA, are finding themselves battling widespread droughts and huge, devastating wildfires that threaten properties, lives, infrastructure and ecosystems alike. Whatever the causes, new tools are clearly required to help subdue the massive bushfires that have destroyed an area the size of Oregon over the last 18 years. Aerial fire suppressant drops are sometimes the only way to effectively fight huge firefronts, and Evergreen's new Boeing 747-based Supertanker promises to be the daddy of them all, carrying seven times more drop capacity than most dedicated firefighting aircraft. Evergreen expect the Supertanker to be a quicker, cheaper, safer and more effective aerial firefighting tool than anything else on the market - and its 747 base platform gives it the ability to operate throughout the USA and around the world wherever it's needed.  Read More

Aeon Flux

Hard up for high-definition content? July 1 sees the release of 10 movies (and a TV series) on Blu-ray, and those of you with HD DVD players could try this list of 20 HD DVDs available for under $12 each including Aeon Flux and Tomb Raider.  Read More

Dynamic Tower Dubai
 Image: Dynamic Architecture

Floor plans have been released and the reservations list opened for the "world's first building in motion" - the Dynamic Tower in Dubai. Italian architect Dr. David Fisher made the announcement on June 24 at the official launch of the revolutionary 1,380 foot skyscraper which will have 80 floors and apartments ranging in size from 124 square meters (1,334 SF), to Villas of 1,200 SM (12,916 SF) complete with a parking space inside the apartment.  Read More

B-52 Stratofortress 
 U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Master Sgt. Mahmoud Rasouliyan

Boeing has been awarded a $14.9 million contract by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory to develop airborne electronic attack technologies that can be used over long distances.  Read More

Plans for the world's largest indoor golf facility

When you think indoor golf you usually think mini-golf: leaving the bag at home and tackling odd shaped obstacles with your putter. All good fun, but hardly a serious training session for your all-round game. This impression is set to change if the Indoor Golf Arena® concept takes off. Aiming for a 2010 opening, the planned "world’s largest Indoor Golf Center" in The Netherlands will incorporate 20 ProTee golf simulators, a roof top driving range with 34 bays and 150,00 square feet (14,000m2) of golf practice facilities with chipping greens, bunkers and water hazards catering for every aspect of your short game along with a huge golf shop, kid’s training facilities, a wellness center with sauna and spa and a 4-star hotel.  Read More

The racehorse training and monitoring vehicle

One of the most interesting vehicles we’ve seen in a while is this mobile racehorse training vehicle from Turkish racehorse and camel training equipment specialist Kurt Systems. The mobile race trainer provides a moving enclosure in which a horse can walk, trot or gallop (up to 60kmh) in a controlled environment. The vehicle carries an array of heart, blood, oxygen and fitness monitoring equipment and precision hydraulically controlled accessories, such as a silicone saddle to simulate jockey weights.  Read More

Fun is a giant plastic sphere
 Photo: Evento

Looking like the next evolutionary step for Zorbing - but without the need for a downhill slope - the Buzzball is a giant sphere from New Zealand based promotional concepts company Evento which allows the pilot to create their own wild ride. The motion and direction of the Buzzball are controlled by a pilot inside the sphere via left and right control triggers which provide power to the driving wheels. These inner wheels in turn spin the 'pod' on its axis around the inside of the ball.  Read More

Michelin will demonstrate the benefits of its latest low-rolling resistance tyres

With soaring oil prices hitting hard at the bowser and low-emissions, energy-efficient vehicles evolving rapidly from a fringe sector to a mainstream concern, it's no surprise to learn that this year's British International Motor Show will include a pavilion devoted to the future of greener motoring.  Read More

Solar Collector

Gorbet Design has created a solar installation that cleverly combines modern art with renewable energy technology. The Solar Collector's 12 cylindrical shafts rise up from a grassy hilltop at the Waterloo Regional Operations Centre in Cambridge, Canada.  Read More

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