Photokina 2014 highlights
Lead Me Not Into Temptation

Impulse control is becoming increasingly important on a personal and global scale for solving problems as diverse as obesity, smoking, compulsive shopping and even global warming. But if appealing to our intellect rarely works, what does? Psychologist Dr Max Sutherland looks at the issue and writes that rather than engage the mind in combat, take advantage of how it works. Don’t shop when you’re preoccupied or hungry, do good deeds after, but not before, shopping. And shop well in advance. Another fascinating article full of psychological tips to help control impulses and resist temptation.  Read More

The VH-71 fleet promises to be the most technologically advanced in the world, providing a...

The first operational pilot production aircraft in the VH-71 presidential helicopter program has successfully completed its 40-minute maiden flight. The PP-1 is the first of five VH-71 production aircraft that will be tested during phase one of the US$6.1 billion presidential helicopter replacement program.  Read More

Samsung has announced a new USB wireless transfer solution for its digital camera range (P...

In-built Wi-Fi transfer capabilities have been surfacing in the digital camera market for some time and more recently Wi-Fi cards have been added to the mix. Now Samsung has come up with a new wireless solution for its digital camera range - the NaBee. Produced in conjunction with Alereon, the NaBee is a miniature dongle that plugs into the camera's USB port and wirelessly transfers data via a corresponding dongle on the computer.  Read More

Aprilia's 2009 RSV4

We've been following Aprilia's 2009 V-4 engined superbike closely through its development stages, excited to learn what the company can do with its brand new, fully electronically managed and incredibly compact 1000cc motor. And the first official images and press information have been released. Stunning to look at, the RSV4 will make at least 180 horsepower in roadbike trim (and somewhere around 220 in the version Max Biaggi will race in WSBK 2009) - but more astounding than that figure is the amazing amount of chassis tuning the RSV4 will allow. With adjustable steering head angle, swingarm pivots and even engine mounting points, the new Aprilia can lay a genuine claim to being the most race-focused production motorcycle on the planet.  Read More

SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash Card

SanDisk has used the Photokina trade fair to announce a 12.5-percent jump in speed (now 45 megabytes per second) and the addition of a 16-gigabyte version to its Extreme IV high-performance memory card line.  Read More

Unlocking the detail in digital images
 Photo: Noel McKeegan

Researchers from the aceMedia project in Europe are now working on ways to generate searchable images that could see digital files come with content information, metadata and an intelligence layer that automatically generates word-searchable data about the image.  Read More

Inside the cab of the Volvo hybrid refuse truck

The concept of computer-synthesized bird’s eye view for drivers has been gaining a lot of ground with Japanese automotive manufacturers in recent times, with many concept cars emanating from Japan featuring the advantages of an at-a-glance situational awareness solution. Now Volvo has developed its own Overview Surveillance System (in conjunction with Toshiba), which gives drivers a view of the vehicle and its surroundings from above. It is designed primarily to support the driver in slow speed situations, such as when backing, parking or driving down narrow city streets. With the advanced driving assistance system installed, the driver can quickly grasp the situation for greater control and safety.  Read More

GEM Peapod set for 2009 production

A decade after its launch and with 38,000 zero-emission electric vehicles produced and in use, Chrysler LLC's GEM brand has launched the first of its next-generation designs - the Peapod. Scheduled for production in 2009, the low-speed neighborhood commuter can cover up to 30 miles without recharging at a top speed of 25 mph. In keeping with the company's "lots of love" slogan, the new fully-enclosed pod design uses eco-friendly recycled and recyclable materials in its construction and should keep a lid on road rage by virtue of its smiling facade (both front and rear), as well as keeping those inside the car happy with new ergonomic mesh seating and a freshly designed center console featuring iPod integration and hands-free iPhone support.  Read More

Evans and Bourdilon (Image credit: Royal Geographical Society)

in order to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Smiths Medical and University College London have resurrected the sidelined closed-circuit breathing system designed for a failed Everest expedition over 50 years ago. Closed-circuit devices, (also known as rebreathers), create a seal over the user’s mouth, retaining the exhaled air, scrubbing it of carbon dioxide, and allowing the user to inhale it again.  Read More

T-Mobile G1

Consumers will soon get a taste of the much anticipated Android operating system with the launch of the T-Mobile G1 handset. Developed in partnership with Google and designed by HTC, the handset features full touch-screen functionality, a sliding QWERTY keyboard and one-handed trackball navigation options and is loaded with a host of familiar web applications from Google as well as providing access to the open platform Android Market.  Read More

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