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Berkeley solar map helps residents to calculate the size and cost of installing a rooftop ...

A new online solar mapping portal has been completed in Berkeley. By combining aerial mapping data with 3-D modeling software, the system allows residents to determine the potential size and cost for solar electric and hot water systems on their own rooftop, as well as view other solar installations all over the city.  Read More

The Blaze Wireless Controller Keyboard

The PS3’s recent 2.70 firmware update saw the capability for in-game text chat for 16 people at a time added to the console, a function that can be accessed via Sony’s QWERTY Wireless Keypad. Anyone balking at Sony’s USD$50 asking price might want to check out an alternative - though not quite as slick - option from video game accessory manufacturer Blaze.  Read More

Anything but blue: Shinco's new CBHD-9100 HD player is hoping to stimulate the uptake of H...

Chinese electronics manufacturers TCL and Shinco have launched the first generation of players for China’s own newly developed high-definition video format, China Blue High Definition (CBHD), which is set to rival the existing Blu-ray disc (BD) technology and galvanize the local market. While CBHD and BD have features in common – both use a blue-violet laser to read 12cm high-capacity optical discs – the main difference is centered on price. In China, CBHD players are expected to retail for up to 40 percent less than the cost of BD players.  Read More

The new Volvo 7700 hybrid bus

Volvo’s new hybrid bus is taking on passengers for the first time with field tests now underway in Gothenburg, Sweden. Due for series production next year, the parallel diesel/electric hybrid delivers a 30% improvement in fuel economy and a similar reduction in CO2 emissions.  Read More

The Psyleron Mind Lamp changes color due to the power of the human mind … we think

A Princeton University research team claims that the Psyleron Mind Lamp changes color due to the power of the human mind. According to researchers, "electron tunneling" causes the lamp to move from deep shades of white, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and magenta. The powerful LEDs within the lamp help to ensure that the lamp glows brightly even in a lit room.  Read More

A conceptual model of the proposed Panasonic P2 3D camera

While the popularity of 3D movies has had more ups and downs than a roller coaster, the technology is experiencing a resurgence in popularity with Hollywood scrambling to generate more 3D content. The latest manufacturer taking the ride up is Panasonic. The electronics giant has announced it will start developing a professional 3D Full HD production system consisting of a twin-lens P2 professional camera recorder and a 3D-compatible High Definition Plasma display.  Read More

ARSS is based on the Vigilante 502 unmanned helicopter

Late last year reports surfaced of a modified radio controlled helicopter equipped with a .45 caliber hand gun, including a video of the RC copter doing target practice with live ammunition (see below). It seems the US Army have been thinking along the same lines, except this version carries a .338 caliber sniper rifle.  Read More

Mercedes-Benz Gullwing dash

The new Mercededs-Benz SLS AMG aspires to the title of “super sports car” with its front-mid 420 KW/571 hp engine, gullwing doors, aluminum chassis and blistering acceleration of 0 to 100 kmh in 3.8 seconds. Mercedes has now released pictures of the aviation inspired interior which features a wing- shaped dashboard, a jet-like operating console and even air vents designed to remind you of aircraft engines.  Read More

Overlapping blue lasers recording holograms in a GE micro-holographic disc

Many pundits proclaimed Blu-ray would be the last optical disc based storage medium we would see before the seemingly inevitable move towards Flash-based drives and online storage. Apparently GE isn’t buying into that prediction, forging ahead with the development next generation optical storage technology that can store a massive 500GB of data before Blu-ray has even gained widespread adoption with consumers.  Read More

Fitness Cube offers a compact exercise solution for home use

The Fitness Cube is an ultra-compact fitness solution for your home. Within seconds it transforms into a weights machine and all the exercise accessories are contained neatly within the cube. An eight-position resistance switch ensures you work out at your optimum fitness level and the supplied poster details the correct way to perform 30 different exercises.  Read More

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