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Eleksen’s new eSystem

Smart fabric technology makers Eleksen Group have announced sensor technology allowing consumers to choose which gadget they want to control via their interactive clothing. The new technology system will also benefit garment makers wanting to create interactive apparel (iApparel) but lack the technological capabilities.  Read More

Production milestone
 Photo: Boeing

Airplane manufacturing giant Boeing has announced the completion of its 3,000th aircraft built its Everett site in Washington. Coincidently, the factory is also celebrating 40 years in operation this year. The widebody 777-200ER (Extended Range) model was delivered to Korean Air and joins the a worldwide fleet of Boeing 747, 767 and 777 airplanes that have flown more than 34.5 million flights across 71 billion nautical miles.  Read More

Olympus expand Tough range of digital cameras

Olympus have added a new entry-level Tough Lite 790SW and Tough 795SW to the Tough range of digital cameras. Shockproof and waterproof to a depth of 10m, new TruePic III image processor, face detection and shadow adjust technology are all included features in the new range.  Read More

Global mobile markets are growing at rates of up to 316% in some regions according to a new research, with the highest growth expected to come from emerging markets such as India. In Western Europe however, year-on-year growth rates continue to fall as the mobile market approaches saturation according to the report entitled “Global Mobile Market Trends to 2010” from Research and Markets.  Read More

The Lotus Exige Sport 240, available only in Australia.

Although Australian performance cars have tended to have a reputation for tyre-shredding hooliganism at the cost of outright speed, Lotus Australia is releasing a souped-up Aussie-exclusive Exige aimed squarely at delivering maximum racetrack speed and handling without any sideways action. The Lotus Sport 240 will feature a supercharged engine capable of feeding 240 horsepower to the tarmac through sophisticated adjustable traction control and launch control systems that should see the AU$149,990 roadster tearing up more expensive competition on the racetrack as well as the road.  Read More

BlueAnt's Z9 headset features noise-cancellation technology to allow clear conversations i...

Background noise can make mobile phone conversations in bars, clubs and noisy workplaces virtually incomprehensible – which is why BlueAnt’s new Z9 Bluetooth headset features smart noise cancellation and voice boosting software. The difference is profound – with this tiny, 10-gram device you can now have natural, clear phone conversations in the noisiest environments.  Read More

GM has debuted their modern take on the sparkless HCCI engine with this Vauxhall Vectra an...

General Motors has eliminated the spark from the engine cycle in a bold and challenging effort to produce a powerplant that delivers the fuel efficiency of a diesel with the low emissions of a petrol motor. The company has released two concept cars that use Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) technology to burn leaner and cleaner at lower temperatures and deliver up to 15% higher fuel economy.  Read More

World Record distance in a Wi-Fi technology transmission of 304km (188.89 miles) between M...

A new world record distance for a 5 GHz Wi-Fi link has been achieved by the Italian Center for Radio Activities (C.I.S.A.R), and Ubiquiti Networks, a leading innovator in outdoor wireless broadband solutions. The distance of 304km (188.89 miles) was established from Sardinia Island to Central Italy achieving data-rates of about 5Mbps, using Ubiquiti’s XtremeRange5 (XR5) High-Power Carrier Class mini-PCI radio module and 35dBi 5 GHz parabolic dish antennas.  Read More

Alphabetically ordered alternative to the QWERTY keyboard

The New Standard Keyboard is the latest in a long line of attempts to break the illogical stranglehold that QWERTY has on the keyboard design. The alphabetically ordered, 53 key, US$69.95 model aims to bring simplicity and efficiency to what is still the primary method of computer input.  Read More

DiMora Natalia supercar

In an age of conspicuous consumption, DiMora MotorCar (DMC) have set themselves a clear target in the creation of their US$2 million Natalia sports luxury sedan: to be “the world’s most luxurious, expensive and technologically advanced creation.” So how does one go about specifying a production car when the aim is to have it all? For starters there’s the variable-cylinder, 1200 hp aluminum V16 engine, add lightweight design borrowing from aerospace composites and structures, more than 50 onboard computer systems, four wheel steering, retractable large screen television and massage seats for rear passengers and you are beginning to get the idea.  Read More

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