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'Zikmu' Wireless Speakers

Renowned and prolific French Designer Philippe Starck has added to his diverse portfolio in a collaboration with wireless specialist Parrot. The result is the 'Zikmu', an iPod ready wireless speaker system that combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability with 360° NXT surround sound in a design that's a fusion of modern minimalist lines and 70's bell-bottom fashion - it certainly works for us.  Read More

49-foot tall ASIMO rolls into California

Although first and foremost a platform for humanoid robotic development, Honda's ASIMO has increasingly found itself in a PR role in recent times - a World tour, conducting the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and a Disneyland stage show have all been on the agenda for the stair climbing, hand shaking bot. In its latest gig, a gargantuan 49-foot tall ASIMO float will greet onlookers at the upcoming Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.  Read More

The Silver Seal washable keyboard

We’ve encountered washable computer accessories before, but the Silver Seal keyboard adds a new level of protection against germs. In addition to being machine-washable and functioning even when wet, the Silver Seal contains built-in silver ion protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria like E. Coli and Staph.  Read More

The Top 50 Best Selling Home Theaters

If you're still relying on the speakers built in to your HDTV, the home-theater-in-a-box (HTIB) is an inexpensive way to make your home theater experience a lot more authentic. Here's a list of the 50 best selling HTIBs on PriceGrabber, complete with the best prices available online.  Read More

The Top 50 Best Selling Blu-ray Players

If you're not too keen on the idea of using a games console as your Blu-ray player, we can help - even if your budget is less than US$180. Here's a list of the best selling Blu-ray players on PriceGrabber right now, with links to the places offering the best prices available on the net.  Read More

The iDea Ovation - guitar with recording studio built-in

The marriage of a recording device and a guitar seems natural, but the iDea Ovation guitar is apparently the first one. The guitar is the analog instrument of choice for the majority of the world's musicians and with a high quality MP3 recorder/player built-in, it offers a direct port into the digital world. Songwriters suddenly have a single convenient tool to record song ideas, hooks, melodies, lyrics, even commentary and guitarists who enjoy jamming will find tireless accompaniment, all controllable from their fingertips. You can record to the iDea's memory from the guitar and/or built-in microphone, or any audio signal via the auxiliary input. The melding of a high quality MP3 recorder/player also makes the iDea a learning tool, with audio lessons and jam tracks pre-installed in the memory, and more downloadable. Mixes from recording software, rhythm tracks, or songs you want to learn can be downloaded and played either through the guitar output or headphones. Files in theiDea can be moved, renamed, deleted and rearranged on the computer desktop. While the list price is $859, iDea's can be had for US$600 new if you do your shopping right. Musicians have never had it so good!  Read More

The new visually unique SLR Stirling Moss

Mercedes Benz and McLaren today released details of the US$1,000,000 SLR Stirling Moss, a limited edition supersports car that almost instantaneously goes down as a landmark in sports car design. The 650 bhp open top supercharged V8 is essentially a modern reinterpretation of the SLR 500 of the fifties, the car which dominated racing in the hands of Moss and Fangio. Available in June 2009, the puristic high-performance sports car might look spartan, but the technology, including the airbrake system, is all bleeding edge. Only seventy five units will be built, ensuring the EUR 750,000 price tag represents a solid investment.  Read More

The self-sustaining city of the future

It looks like a cross between an ancient Mayan citadel and a far-off space port where Han Solo would happily dock the Falcon, but the Gwanggyo Power Centre is actually an award winning design for a self-sustaining city that is moving towards reality in Korea. Consisting of a series of circular, terraced buildings that appear as hills covered in greenery, the project will be located in a forested area 35km south of Seoul and will incorporate a mix of public amenities, retail, housing, office and parking space.  Read More

Nathi change table is both space-saving and stylish

Created by Swedish designer Bo Ekstrom, Nathi is a funky baby’s change table that not only looks great, it will also save valuable floor space. Unlike traditional change tables which are large, heavy and not particularly stylish, the wall-mounted Nathi is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and when not in use it closes with a tension latch to fit neatly and inconspicuously against the wall.  Read More

 Honda to market electric motorcycle by 2010

Honda has been quick to signal some radical changes in direction to enable it to endure the tough times expected in 2009. Following news that it is cancelling all F1 racing involvement and development, and likewise with the successor to the NSX sports car, the company has announced it intends to pursue ever cleaner automotive technologies and the most exciting of its announcements is that it will have an electric motorcycle on the market before the end of 2010. Honda’s original core product was the motorcycle and history shows that motorcycle sales remain strong in difficult times – the Honda announcement of an electric motorcycle is likely to spur rivals Yamaha and Suzuki into action, with both having shown fantastic electric bikes already, and both afraid to give Honda a head start in what will surely be a massive market.  Read More

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