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Seiko Instruments DPU-S445 Mobile Printer

The new IrDA and Bluetooth equipped DPU-S445 Mobile Printer from Seiko Instruments is compact and lightweight with very few moving parts, runs on a long-life lithium-ion battery and produces 4” wide printed output at 90 mm/sec.  Read More

The Aeros 40D Sky Dragon MSN 21 will take flight at San Bernardino International Airport, ...

New age dirigible designer Aeros has announced that its airship model Aeros 40D Sky Dragon MSN 21 has entered the flight testing phase. The craft will take flight at San Bernardino International Airport, and will be used as an airborne lab for the development of the new breed of variable buoyancy air vehicle – the Aeroscraft systems.  Read More

Wine tasting goes electronic

Could this new electronic wine-tasting tongue challenge the finest wine tasters in the world? Invented by European scientists, this handheld device has a multi-sensor chip which senses distinctive characteristics of wine varieties. By analyzing the sugar content, acidity and alcohol, the machine can also determine the year and grape variety of the sample and instead of waiting days for laboratories to analyze wine samples, wine industry specialists will be able to get a sample result at the touch of a button.  Read More

Nissan ECO pedal meter

With rising petrol prices and a focus on climate change, the automotive industry is looking to pioneer new methods of fuel consumption, both in terms of developing new propulsion systems and making existing technology more efficient. News on the latter approach comes from Nissan, which has unveiled technology designed to help drivers use less fuel by using an "eco-pedal" system that resists excess pressure being applied to the accelerator.  Read More

The combination of payload capacity and loiter endurance makes the Reaper highly valuable ...

The MQ-9 Reaper, a hunter-killer UAV with long loitering capability, has completed its first operational mission in Iraq. The craft has been used in Afghanistan since 2007, clocking 3,800 hours and attacking 16 targets with 500-pound bombs and Hellfire missiles.  Read More

TomTom Rider 2nd edition

Now in its second generation, TomTom's navigation solution for motorbikes features a ruggedized waterproof housing, a 3.5" touchscreen with large, "glove friendly" icons, a secure universal mounting system and comes bundled with a Cardo scala-rider® Bluetooth® headset for in-helmet spoken instructions and hands-free phone calls.  Read More

The world's lightest four-stroke 250 single engine

Four stroke dirt bikes were once overweight and underpowered, but that’s changing fast. Specialist off-road motorcycle manufacturer Husqvarna has disclosed details of a new 250 four-stroke engine it is testing that weighs just 22 kilograms. Though the motor may be small, there has been no significant saving in weight as the new bike, which is likely to be available in limited quantities by the end of the year, comes in at 92 kilos dry – the same as the Yamaha YZ250R and Suzuki RMZ250.  Read More

High-tech low-cost Mexican Sportscar

One of the most interesting debuts at the British Motor Show was the Mastretta MXT, the first car to be designed and built in Mexico, and it promises to make it’s home country very proud indeed. The mid-engined, two-seater coupe uses aircraft construction techniques to create an ultra-lightweight 900kg car with bonded aluminum semi-monocoque chassis, a balanced 56-44 weight distribution with a turbocharged 240 bhp Cosworth engine supplying the herbs. The end result is a 150mph car with a power-to-weight ratio of 267bhp/tonne. The best bit though, is the price - UKP33,000 (US$64,500).  Read More

Toyota's 'S' Winglet concept

Toyota has been heavily engaged in the development of personal mobility devices and partner robots in recent years with a series of concepts such as the PM (Personal Mobility) Concept, the i-unit and i-swing , and more recently the armchair-shaped iREAL, which appears close to commercialization. Now the company has announced he development of the Segway-like "Winglet", a small footprint stand-up mode of single person transport that will cruise at 3.7 mph (6kph) at a range of up to 6.2miles (10km). Three models (which at this stage are simply designated "L", "M" and "S") are proposed: the larger version features a handle and weighs in at 12.3kg whilst the lightest of the two hands-free models weighs under 10kg but can only manage 3.1 miles at a time. All models share an impressive charging time of one hour.  Read More

Fuel cell breakthrough promises cheaper eco-friendly cars

A team of Australian scientists has developed a new fuel cell prototype that could pave the way for a generation of much cheaper, more fuel efficient fuel-cells for powering eco-friendly cars. The new fuel cells feature a new cathode made from a conducting polymer rather than the expensive cathodes used in existing fuel cells.  Read More

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