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The world's first 3D newspaper

By - April 29, 2010 1 Picture
In one of the more bizarre media announcements of recent times, News International's LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) British Tabloid The Sun is to publish a 3D edition on June 5 complete with 3D glasses, 3D editorial images, 3D adverts and a 3D Soccer World Cup schedule Wall Chart. It's yet another newspaper first for the Murdoch empire (along with recalibrating public morals by widely distributing images of bare-breasted women), though we suspect the motivation is more related to Murdoch's Sky Sports broadcasting the World Cup in 3D than by any forlorn hope of innovating a reversal of the Sun's circulation which has been in decline for 15 years. Read More
— Health and Wellbeing

Bayer's Didget makes childsplay of blood glucose monitoring

By - April 29, 2010 3 Pictures
Dealing with juvenile diabetes can’t be easy, so anything that adds a little fun to the tedious process of monitoring blood glucose levels might help put a smile on a child’s face. Bayer Diabetes Care has just introduced Didget - a unique blood glucose monitoring system that is designed to encourage regular testing with reward points to use online or through Nintendo gaming systems. Read More
— Automotive

Ford Start Concept features 1.0-litre, three-cylinder EcoBoost engine

By - April 29, 2010 17 Pictures
Ford designers set their sights on creating an endearingly simple vehicle for their latest project, and we'd have to say they've succeeded. Unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show, there's definitely a certain stripped-back elegance about the Start Concept, which along with its sculpted lines and some clever interior customization options, features a new 1.0-liter, three-cylinder addition to the company's EcoBoost petrol engine family that promises a CO2 rating of under 100 g/km. Read More
— Science

“Fair Use” industries generate US$4.7 TRILLION

By - April 28, 2010 1 Picture
Industries that rely on fair use exceptions to copyright law grew faster than the rest of the U.S. economy from 2002 to 2007, expanded 5 percent and accounted for 23 percent of real economic growth, according to a new CCIA economic study. The study entitled “Fair Use in the U.S. Economy” was released the day after Intellectual Property Day, and drew a distinctly different conclusion to another study released the day prior by the GIPC which advocates the tightening of fair use exceptions. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Mobile devices could become their own mice

By - April 28, 2010 9 Pictures
Mobile devices such as smartphones are truly amazing in what they can do, but are often frustrating to use - many people don’t particularly enjoy poking at tiny buttons, or obscuring the onscreen display with their own fingers. Newly-developed technology, however, is addressing these annoyances. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute have found a way of turning mobile devices into their own mice. Read More
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Packard Bell launches three new EasyNote M laptops

By - April 28, 2010 2 Pictures
Keeping up to date with our ever increasing digital presence in the networked sociosphere can be the very definition of multi-tasking. Three new EasyNote laptops from Packard Bell have been designed to help, having a dedicated social networking feature which brings together all the various sites into one useful interface. Other features include the latest Intel Core processors, up to 640GB of storage and either NVIDIA or ATI discreet graphics processors. Read More
— Automotive

Smart station would charge your EV when the time is right

By - April 28, 2010 1 Picture
Hopefully before too, too long, the majority of vehicles on the road will be electric. There could be one potential problem with all those EV’s in use however - the huge load that would be put on municipal power supplies when all those vehicles are simultaneously plugged in after their owners get home from work. Fortunately, our oft-featured friends over at Germany’s Fraunhofer group have come up with a solution. They’ve designed a station that charges your vehicle when there’s power to spare. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Smartphone market gets an old new player as HP buys Palm

By - April 28, 2010 1 Picture
The smartphone market was given a massive boost today as the news broke that HP will acquire smartphone pioneer Palm and perhaps most significantly, the Palm webOS mobile operating system. HP's international infrastructure, fiscal strength and influence will ensure Palm now has not only a future, but will now become an even more serious competitor to Apple, Google's Android, RIM, Microsoft et al in US$100 billion smartphone and connected mobile device marketplace. Read More
— Digital Cameras

World's largest optical telescope gains a powerful tool, with LUCIFER

By - April 28, 2010 10 Pictures
The world’s largest optical telescope is about to get a lot better, thanks to LUCIFER. No, no one’s made a deal with the Devil - LUCIFER is a new near-infrared camera/spectrograph system being added to the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) on Mt. Graham in south-eastern Arizona. The tool has been in development for over a decade, and is now ready to offer astronomers “spectacular insights into the universe, from the Milky Way up to extremely distant galaxies.” Its large field of view and high resolution will allow for unprecedented observation of star-forming regions, which were previously difficult to view due to dust clouds. Read More
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