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Kingston DT300 256GB Flash drive

Remember those halcyon days when the whole world tingled with excitement as the first 8MB USB Flash drives were made commercially available? Things have certainly moved on at an incredible pace in the few short years since then, only last month Kingston announced the world's first 128GB Flash drive and already the bar has been raised with the announcement of a 256GB monster - the Kingston Data Traveler 300.  Read More

Three-shot Taser X3 to be unveiled July 27th

A new Taser that fires three shots before it needs recharging is soon to be released. Billed by the company as its most innovative handheld electronic control device (ECD) since the Taser X26 was released in 2003, the high-tech Taser X3 can be simultaneously used on multiple targets and boasts a range of additional features including laser sights for both top and bottom probes, improved monitoring and data recording and the ability to survive harsh environments.  Read More

New figures show most reliable and unreliable cars, cheapest and most expensive to repair

The growing availability of information afforded by the internet will ultimately make all entities more accountable, whether they're made of flesh and blood, or bricks and mortar and concepts. Corporations will need to change if they are to survive in this coming age of accountability and automotive manufacturers in particular will need to reassess their communication strategies. Despite the financial magnitude of an automobile purchasing decision, the masses have until now been content to read the spec sheet and subscribe to the copywritten dreams rather than assess the real costs of owning the car - reliability, cost of repair, time-off-road and resale value - because those factors have been hidden. Now those figures are becoming publicly available and some of the big names don't fare at all well. Read on to find out how much more it costs to repair a Porsche than any other brand, which British marque is the least reliable, which European brands dominate the cheapest to repair top 10, and why Honda fares best with everything considered. Read on for the top 10 most expensive to repair, top 10 least expensive to repair, top 10 most unreliable brands, and the top 10 most reliable brands. Fascinating stuff!  Read More

The EVGA InterView 1700 Dual-Panel Display

For users who find that one display is never enough and can’t afford the NEC CRV43, EVGA has released the InterView 1700 Dual-Monitor system. The unit consists of two side-by-side 17-inch widescreen LCD monitors suspended on a central frame, which houses a built-in 1.3MP webcam, built-in microphone, and three port USB 2.0 hub. With a supported graphics card the dual displays can be set up as a span to provide an extended desktop, or cloned to allow one display to be flipped 180 degrees for easy viewing by a second person on the opposite side of the desk.  Read More

Samsung's HMX-U10 pocket-size camcorder shoots full HD video, 10MP stills, and offers one-...

Samsung has announced its entry into the ultra-compact HD camcorder market with the HMX-U10. The diminutive 2.2" x 4.1" x 0.6" unit shoots 1920x1080 video, 10MP still photos and features an ergonomic bend in the body which Samsung says will reduce stress on your wrist and arm... but at only 3.4oz, we wonder how much stress the MHZ-U10 can cause?  Read More

The Blind Driver Challenge aims to put vision impaired people in the drivers seat

Recent technological developments are presenting increasing opportunities for blind and vision impaired people to interact with the world in ways not previously possible. However, many everyday acts we take for granted such as driving a car remain out of reach. That’s well on the way to changing thanks to a development by a team of students at the Virginia Tech University, who have designed a car that allows blind and visually impaired people to take the wheel and drive unassisted.  Read More

A vision of the future with LBO's holographic laser projection technology

Light Blue Optics (LBO) has received an injection of funds to further its development of, among other things, a holographic laser projection technology. The big news is that this technology can be touch-enabled, meaning any flat surface, such as a table, can be instantly transformed into a touch-sensitive display, eliminating the need for a touch screen and allowing users to directly interact with multimedia content.  Read More

Raytheon awarded contract to develop 'Space Fence' (Photo: NASA)

Is it a bird, a plane, a UFO, or a piece of space junk hurtling towards Earth minutes away from catastrophe? Hopefully, before too long we won’t have to guess. The U.S. Air Force has awarded USD$30 million contracts to defense technology specialists Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin to help create the prototype of a new situational awareness network dubbed "Space Fence". The Space Fence system will enable the Air Force to better detect, report and track very small objects in low Earth orbit.  Read More

The LG XF1

Those looking for a way to get movies and other digital media stored on a PC from the study onto the TV in the lounge have a few choices open to them. These include burning the content to CD or DVD, sending the content wirelessly to a media streamer or transporting the content on a USB drive. Those looking at the latter option have a new drive from LG to consider in the form of the XF1, which sports HDMI and composite outputs for direct connection to a TV.  Read More

The Bedol Eco - Friendly Water Powered Clock

Anything that flies the green flag is a welcome addition to the array of resource depleting devices in our homes. The Bedol Eco – Friendly Water Powered Clock is as environmentally sound as they come – literally just add water.  Read More

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