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Vento's custom-designed 400cc inline triple will appear in a range of the company's 2008 m...

American motorcycle manufacturer Vento Motorcycles today announced the first engine the company has had designed specifically for its own products. The new three cylinder, 400 cc, 30 horsepower engine, the most powerful inline triple ATV engine ever built, is the first American-made engine to be designed and used by Vento. The company will use the new engine in an expanded range of ATVs and middleweight bikes from 2008 onwards.  Read More

The Gilera GP 800

An 840cc, 90-degree fuel injected V-twin, performance chassis, 200kmh top speed and braided brake lines… on a CVT, step-thru scooter? After sending heads spinning with its Nexus 500, a scooter that handles like a sportsbike in the twisties, Gilera have completely dumbfounded us with their GP 800 hyperscooter. Striking some sort of bizarre balance between a super-grunty commuter and a genuine sports-tourer, this bespectacled bad-boy is the new and undisputed king of the scooter segment.  Read More

Noxon iRadio

The proliferation of internet radio stations has led to the creation of numerous devices to free internet radio from your computer and make it mobile. This offering from TerraTec, the iRadio, grants you access to 10,000 stations as well as your own music library.  Read More

SleepTracker personal alarm watch

Have you ever noticed that on some mornings you wake up more easily than others? These are the mornings when you wake up in the light, "almost awake-time" of your sleep cycle. The bad groggy mornings are when you have awakened from the deep sleep part of the sleep cycle. We've previously encountered technology that takes advantage of this phenomena in the form of the aXbo "sleep phase alarm clock" and now there's the wrist worn SleepTracker personal alarm watch. The SleepTracker tracks sleep cycles and allows you to set your "wake-up" time to coincide with moments of light sleep, meaning you wake up feeling more alert.  Read More

DAB surround sound - Click image to enlarge

Billed as the next generation of automotive radio technology, DAB Surround was presented by the BMW Group in collaboration with the Fraunhofer IIS and Deutschlandradio at the IFA in Berlin. Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) offers CD quality sound and enables several radio programmes along with additional data to be broadcast on a single frequency, meaning cars can be fed with real-time information including traffic reports and local hazard warnings.  Read More

Individual Sound Projector from Loewe

Consumer electronics manufacturer Loewe showcased its recently released Individual Sound Projector at this year’s IFA in Berlin. The sound projector is a genuine 5.1 surround sound system that operates from a single device, allowing TV, DVD and other digital sources to be operated from one remote control. The multi-channel surround sound system features integrated cinema settings and over-head effects without the need for any additional speakers or cables and after encountering the system at the IFA, Gizmag can attest that it sounds amazing.  Read More

Boardwalk Bullet, Texas

A new roller coaster at Kemah Boardwalk in Houston, Texas offers riders a stomach-dropping 92-foot plunge in wooden carriages. The aptly named Boardwalk Bullet offers a hair-raising ride with a spectacular view of nearby Galveston Bay.  Read More

Sansa View video enabled MP3 player

It's been a week for small format, video enabled MP3 players with the release of the new iPod nano and now the announcement of a new device from SanDisk that offers a range of features including full-motion video support, long battery life and slim line design.  Read More

Hydraulically tilting keel the focus of new race yacht concept

High speed and sleek style are the two main goals of this concept yacht from designer Andrew Hawley. The Hawley F140 looks like a stingray with sails, its downward-sloping bow a clear sign this yacht’s for flat-water speed not wave-punching – but the key innovation is its 30-degree canting keel with a gimbaled bulb, providing turning stability at high lean angles.  Read More

ClearPoint interface

A new offering from ClearPoint provides boat owners, sailing clubs, marinas and weather-watchers with a comprehensive high-resolution weather information service. Available via the Internet, ClearPoint Premium Edition tracks marine craft as they sail to show prevailing weather conditions at any location.  Read More

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