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PocketSurfer 2 on show at the German IFA consumer electronics show.

“If your PDA or Smartphone downloads web-pages faster than the PocketSurfer, you get a free PocketSurfer.” It's a brave challenge but one that the distributors of PocketSurfer 2 were happy to stand behind at the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show, Germany’s IFA 2007. We’re not aware of anyone who’s taken a prize home yet – please let us know if you saw any device beat this one for speed. The PocketSurfer 2 is tiny, fits in a shirt pocket and for the price (EUR 230 - US$310), you can overlook a few of the device's less than premium features such as the screen.  Read More

Work Big IN10

Though not yet meeting the promise of palm-sized, ultra-portable nano-projectors the InFocus Work Big IN10 Ultra-Mobile Projector does offer a boost to portability weighing in at 2.4lbs (1.09kg) and measuring 2.5in (6.3 cm) x 6.1in (15.49cm) x 7.8in (19.81cm).  Read More


The Frankfurt Motor Show is the premier European show of the year this year and not surprisingly, the manufacturers are all putting their best environmental foot forward. For relatively new international auto companies such as Hyundai which don’t have a history of premium design to fall back on, they have to work much harder to make waves in an international showcase and from the photos at least, this work appears to have paid off. Three new cars will be unveiled by Hyundai at Frankfurt, and the two concept cars are beauties.  Read More

The ROSIE Coffee Table

Surface computing is moving full steam ahead and this latest release from Savant is another reminder that even the wireless mouse is becoming an outmoded piece of technology. The ROSIE Coffee Table Touchpanel Controller offers an easily accessible interface for home automation coupled with interactive multimedia capabilities, connecting to iTunes, digital cameras, IP network cameras, business card readers and various high-tech devices around the home.  Read More

Volvo introduces voluntary Alcolocks from 2008

One in three traffic fatalities in Europe is alcohol related and around 3,000 people in the UK are killed or seriously injured each year in drink drive collisions. In an effort to help drivers make responsible choices, Volvo is the first manufacturer to launch a fully integrated, voluntary in-car breathalyzer/alcolock system called Alcoguard as an option to its 2008 range, which prevents the car from starting if the driver is over the blood alcohol limit.  Read More

BMW's in-dash ConnectedDrive navigation system, now featuring Google Local Search abilitie...

BMW has announced it’s enriching its ConnectedDrive in-car navigation system with a direct hookup to Google's Local Search. The console on your Beemer will soon be a virtual Yellow Pages that lets you search for businesses, restaurants and places of interest, then select one and have it automatically entered into your GPS nav system as a destination.  Read More

Fence Defence control system

Seventy-five percent of theft from residential and commercial building sites occurs at night and on weekends. In response to ongoing concerns about this problem within the construction industry, UK based CSS has announced plans to launch of a new security system designed specifically for temporary compounds such as building sites.  Read More

M-ELROB seeks challengers for its 2008 robot military trials

Europe’s answer to America’s DARPA challenge is currently seeking entries for 2008. The Military European Land Robot Trial (M-ELROB) is calling for European civilian entrants keen to test their robot minions against several military scenarios in front of a panel of judges. The aim is to find robotic solutions that can be deployed in the near future to help save soldiers’ lives.  Read More

AKG K930 wireless headphones, transmitter and docking station/charger

AKG's K930 wireless stereo headphones are among the plethora of noteworthy new products Gizmag has encountered at the IFA show in Berlin this week. With a range of approximately 100 meters, the K930 headphones do not require a line of sight from the transmitter enabling the signal to penetrate through walls and ceilings and greatly expanding the user’s mobility.  Read More

The iPod intgration kit is housed inside the glovebox of car

Toyota has released an iPod integration kit which provides a direct link between your car’s audio system and an Apple iPod. The connection is housed inside the glovebox of the car, providing a simple plug and play option from iPod to stereo that also act as a charger. The iPod can then be completely controlled by using the car’s audio head unit, or (where fitted) the controls on the steering wheel. The integration kit can be installed into any current Toyota and Lexus model, and is compatible with most versions of iPod.  Read More

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