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JVC has launched a 46-inch Full HD 3D LCD monitor that will deliver professionals 'a natur...

It certainly looks like those who enjoy a third dimension in their onscreen entertainment will be spoilt for choice in the not-too-distant future. Following the establishment of several full-scale 3D movie production and distribution companies in 2008, Hollywood has more than 20 3D movies in the pipeline this year. In the meantime, JVC has launched a 46-inch Full HD 3D LCD monitor – initially for professional use – that will deliver "a natural, flicker-free visual experience" in 3D.  Read More

The XFT toolkit lays the contents of the Xbox hard drive bare

Those who think the Xbox game console may be the perfect place to hide illicit material from prying eyes – principally because it isn't seen as a regular-joe PC – had better think again. Computer scientist David Collins has developed a toolkit that allows police and other law-enforcement agencies to recover criminal data more easily from hard drives like the Xbox  Read More

Martin Lindstrom makes Time's Top 100

TIME magazine has announced its list of the world’s 100 most influential people of 2009 and we're more than a bit chuffed here at Gizmag. That's because brand futurist and author Martin Lindstrom is on the list and Martin has previously worked with several of Gizmag's core team. Martin was selected in the category of Scientists & Thinkers for his groundbreaking work on neuroscience and branding. His latest book Buyology – Truth and Lies About Why We Buy has been translated into 37 languages and is on almost all major best-seller lists worldwide. Buyology is based on the world’s largest neuroscience study on brands and advertising (peering into the brains of 2,000 consumers across five countries) and questions a range of conventional thinking within the advertising and marketing community. Good on yer Martin!  Read More

Raser Technologies has begun delivering 10 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable electricity ...

Raser Technologies has begun delivering 10 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable electricity to Anaheim, California, from its first low-temperature, binary geothermal plant, the Hatch Geothermal Power Plant in Beaver County, Utah. Traditionally, the lead time on a geothermal plant is three to five years, but the USD$33-million Raser plant has been powered up just five months after ground-breaking. To help meet such rapid construction schedules, the plant uses off-the-shelf modular components, taken from the air conditioning industry, which are essentially running in reverse.  Read More

Flip Ultra and UltraHD

Pure Digital Technologies has launched the second generation of its popular Flip Ultra and Flip UltraHD. The two new Ultra camcorders feature two hours of recording time, a high-resolution two-inch anti-glare screen and a AA rechargeable battery pack, which can be charged using the camera’s flip-out USB arm.  Read More

Electrically supercharged gasoline engine achieves diesel levels of CO2

We have previously written about the potential of UK-based Controlled Power Technologies' (CPT) electrically driven supercharger and that potential came closer to realization this week when CPT and the world’s largest independent developer of vehicle powertrains, AVL List GmbH (AVL), unvelied a jointly developed gasoline engine that retains all the strengths, develops more power and at the same time reduces CO2 levels to that of an equivalent diesel powertrain.  Read More

Windows 7

If you missed out on the limited public beta release (Build 7000) of Windows 7 back in January, here's your chance to score the first release candidate (Build 7100) of Microsoft's big redeemer. This time around, there'll be no limit on the number of downloads or the number of serial numbers given out - until the end of July, that is.  Read More

The HazMatID Ranger handheld chemical identifier with detachable PDA

It may be a sad reflection of the times we live in, but there’s a growing worldwide demand for devices capable of detecting chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRNE) threats. Detecting such threats in a laboratory environment is all well and good, but to really save lives such detection needs to be carried out at the site of the threat. That means a detection device that offers lab quality results with a portable form factor - both qualities that Smiths Detection promises in its range of threat detection systems now being rolled-out worldwide.  Read More

A bike retrofitted with the Gruber Assist - you wouldn't know it was there would you?

There’s a few reasons why cycling has remained a popular form of transport for over a century. It’s cheap, keeps you fit, is environmentally friendly and it’s fun - usually. Unfortunately it can get a little less fun when you hit a steep hill or have neglected your fitness for a while. This is where electric assist devices such as the Gruber Assist can come in handy. It still lets you do most of the work, but helps to make the job that little bit easier. Whereas electric bikes such as the E+, the eneloop and the Gocycle require the purchase of a complete bike to get some electric assistance, the Gruber Assist can be retrofitted to practically any bicycle provided it has a seat tube with an inner diameter of 31.6mm.  Read More

Motorola’s new touch screen Motosurf A3100

It’s not only that mobile phones are enormously powerful communication tools – it's the highly personal way we use and customise them that is emerging and catching the attention of mobile operators. Australian communications giant Telstra is one that has seen the need to simplify how we access mobile services, launching a new mobile user interface – called TelstraOne Experience – that lets its customers access their favourite applications and services with one click.  Read More

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