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Profile 404-X-A

Leon Speakers, established in 1995, is a world leader of high performance, on-wall loudspeakers. The company's new Profile 404-X-A speakers allow you to set them up on, or against a wall. The shallow profile (3.25-inches deep) helps them blend with their surroundings, and a choice of veneers and finishes (including paints) are available to finish the look.  Read More

iRobot Negotiator

Best known to Gizmag readers for its range of home helper bots, iRobot is now expanding its line-up to include the growing need for public safety robots. The new iRobot Negotiator is a low-cost, tactical robot designed to meet the basic reconnaissance needs of public safety professionals, such as police and fire departments, counter-terrorism forces and domestic security experts.  Read More

miniStack v2.5 storage hub solution

Designed for data intensive tasks like video editing, the latest incarnation of NewerTech's miniStack storage hub caters for multiple connection of digital peripherals via three FireWire 400 and four USB 2.0 ports and offers up to 1.0TB of storage capacity and 32MB of disk cache.  Read More

Dulux PaintPod

The Dulux PaintPod is a new approach to painting with a roller that's designed to get your room painted quickly, without drips or ruined carpets. The mains-powered, vacuum cleaner sized unit uses a pre-loadable emulsion pack filled with paint so you don’t have to refill the paint tray or re-load the roller, you simply squeeze the trigger and within thirty seconds, a measured amount of paint is released.  Read More

The International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition challenges universities to des...

The University of Maryland has won the 11th Annual International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition, in San Diego California. The event is organized by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International and the Office of Naval Research, and challenges universities to design and build an AUV capable of navigating realistic underwater missions.  Read More

Cool fun: Hasbro’s Super Soaker Aquashock Arctic Blast

Hasbro's Super Soaker Aquashock Arctic Blast is not your run-of-the-mill water pistol - it packs an extra element of surprise in the form of a wide-fill cap which you can fill with ice-cubes. Then you simply pump it up, fire and your target is left soaking in a pool of ice-cold water.  Read More

The US$8.5 million Lazzara LSX Ninety Two Luxury Yacht

The European Boat Show season approaches, and we’re beginning to catch the first glimpses of the innovative new luxury yacht designs – one of the first to declare its hand is Lazzara Yachts which will introduce the US$8.5 million LSX Ninety Two, a completely redesigned follow-up to its acclaimed LSX Seventy Five. Scheduled to launch Fall 2008, the spacious LSX 92 features an expansive flybridge, a private water-level terrace off the master stateroom, a retractable aft sun deck shade, and Quad Volvo Penta Quad IPS II drive units. One of the most unique features of the 92 is the generous aft section that includes a large teak swim platform with a garage for toys that converts into a shaded area suitable for entertaining.  Read More

The CMS doesn’t exist just yet so we took the editorial liberty  of using a picture of a w...

Amphibious assaults are a dangerous business, which is why the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center is assembling a comprehensive Assault Breaching System. A key part of the new system is a Countermine System (CMS) designed to minimize mine-related human losses and not surprisingly, the new design is innovative, very complex and pretty scarey. Basically, it’s a warhead that dispenses its payload of 4000 neutralizer "darts" at a predetermined altitude to clear a safe pathway for the Marines that follow. The new CMS warhead is delivered accurately above the designated area required for clearance by the equally innovative JDAM guidance platform.  Read More

The Aston Martin One-77

The first image of a delectable new supercar has emerged from Aston Martin. Though details of the new One-77 are scarce, it is already undoubtedly the ultimate vehicle yet to emerge from the esteemed and thoroughly British marque. All that’s known for certain is that it has a carbon fibre chassis, a hand-built (err, sorry … hand-crafted) aluminium body, and is powered by a seven litre V12 motor.  Read More

Cars that talk – the Intelligent Car initiative gains momentum

A world where humans, motor vehicles and the infrastructure will wirelessly communicate and co-operate for the greater good came a step closer this week when the European Commission reserved part of the radio spectrum for smart vehicle communications systems (so called co-operative systems). The networked road system envisaged by the European Intelligent Car Initiative promotes the use ICT to achieve smarter, safer and cleaner road transport and comes not a moment too soon – already 24% of European driving time is spent in traffic jams, and it’ll get much worse before it gets better. Research suggests the costs caused by traffic congestion could reach EUR80 billion by 2010.  Read More

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