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Design Los Angeles asks how motor-racing will look in 2025

After last year being asked to provide a glimpse of what automobiles will look like 50 years into the future, design studios vying for recognition in this year's LA Auto Show Design Challenge are leaving city streets behind and heading for the racetrack under the theme "Motorsports 2025". Throwing away preconceptions of what motor racing should be and incorporating the possibility of cars that never crash or need re-fueling, nine of Southern California’s big-name automotive design houses have submitted entries, and again the results are both outrageous and thought provoking - from vehicles that race over land, sea and air to 8 x 4 wheel-drive ATVs and solar sailing energy-miser's that compete on see-through tracks.  Read More

Human Pump concept by Gunwook Nam

According to research from the Pacific Institute, more than five million people die each year from water-related disease, primarily due to inadequate access to clean water which, if it is available, often requires trekking over long distances to reach it. Gunwook Nam from South Korea has proposed a solution that harnesses people power - literally. The Human Pump concept uses a boardwalk structure fitted with springs that captures and stores kinetic energy from foot-traffic and uses it to pump underground water to the surface.  Read More

Mini sensor to improve detection of greenhouse gases

Governments could be able to more easily and cheaply monitor greenhouse gas emissions thanks to a miniature gas sensor being developed by a new European consortium, led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The sensor would also have applications for consumers by improving air conditioning in buildings.  Read More

Super Talent's 18-carat gold USB drive

Memory specialist Super Talent has announced a limited edition 18-carat gold version of its diminutive Pico-C Drive. The swank 8GB USB device features 200X (30MB/sec) data transfer speeds, is water resistant and comes with a matching gold keychain and black velvet jewelry box.  Read More

Sliding the safety forward activates the laser targeting on the FlashLauncher, which allow...

PepperBall Technologies has released a 100-lumen flashlight that doubles as a semi-automatic PepperBall launcher. The 2.2-pound FlashLauncher can fire up to five projectiles that, in addition to stinging like hell, release a hot pepper powder designed to subdue any assailant.  Read More

CAD-Design of the I-SWARM robot platform 
 Image: I-SWARM

Hundreds of micro-robots will work together to carry out repairs inside machinery, explore deep-sea environments, and even colonize Mars according to predictions from the EU-funded I-SWARM project, which is developing centimeter-scale autonomous robots that co-operate like a colony of ants and therefore can compensate for the failure of individual members.  Read More

The CoaX 415T 5-seat helicopter is one of the models under development

Helicopters featuring coaxial rotor designs are not exactly new. The co-axial design of a pair of rotors mounted on the same mast and with the same axis of rotation, but turning in different directions, has been utilized on a number of military helicopters for around half a century, most notably those produced by the Russian Kamov helicopter design bureau. The coaxial design offers a number of advantages over the traditional helicopter designs, which makes it difficult to understand why we haven’t seen co-axial rotor designs taking to the skies for civilian uses. Now Australian based Wieland Helicopter Technologies (WHT) is hoping to change that by designing and manufacturing a range of new coaxial rotor system small format helicopters for commercial markets.  Read More

Daito Manabe

Tokyo's Daito Manabe, an electronic music producer, programmer and designer, has pioneered a fascinating new form of music performance. In the YouTube video after the jump, Manabe wires his face up to a series of electrodes that cause his facial muscles to twitch and distort in sync with the music. A bit harrowing to watch, but compelling nonetheless.  Read More

KillaCycle electric-motorcycle sets new drag record

The KillaCyle has again caused record-keepers to reach for their erasers with a world beating run of 7.890 seconds for the quarter mile at the Bandimere Speedway in Colorado. The day out for owner/designer Bill Dube’ and his team was topped off by an earlier run in which the 500hp two-wheeler set a new top speed mark 174.05 mph.  Read More

The black MC7803u and burgundy MC7801u from Gateway.

Gateway’s new MC-Series notebook line signals its multimedia intentions known with a 16-inch edge-to-edge glass 1366x768 resolution widescreen display and illuminated multimedia touch controls. The new notebook line features an ambient light sensor which adjusts screen brightness according to the external light, while the LED illuminated keyboard is backlit for users burning the midnight oil.  Read More

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