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Nick Shotter's tilting 4-wheeler 4MC prototype

If the fun we had aboard Piaggio's MP3 is any indication, motorcycles with more than two wheels have a big future ahead of them. The additional stability and traction you get from a tilting three-wheeler is quite an eye-opener, and they're still exceptionally fun to ride. If you want to take the concept one step further, though, an extra wheel at the back as well can actually make the entire bike narrower while delivering the sort of stability that can let you safely powerslide and drift all four wheels on an oily skidpan. Remember Yamaha's wild and wonderful Tesseract concept from 2007? The company is keen to get one into production, but as it turns out, Yamaha has run into trouble with patents held by an ex-courier and motorcycle safety advocate from the UK who has been working on a road-ready tilting 4-wheeler for more than 20 years.  Read More

It's either the MSi GX623 or the GX633, but you'd have to rip it open or turn it on to be ...

If there’s one button that could possibly be more tempting than “do not press”, it's the one with “turbo” written on it. Perhaps recognizing this MSi has included a turbo button on its new GX623 and GX633 laptops that ramps up the speed of the CPU when the laptops are connected to mains power. If instead you’re looking for reduced power consumption and longer battery life, MSi’s ECO Engine can cycle through a range of power setting tweaks at the touch of a button.  Read More

WORLD RECORD Water Rocket Car 0 - 343.5 kph in 2.5 sec

In 1974 Evel Knievel launched himself across the Snake River Canyon in Idaho aboard the rocket powered Sky-Cycle in what was to be the biggest stunt and biggest flop of his daredevil career. The Skycycle X-1 and X-2 were more rocket than they were motorcycle and both were powered by overheated water rockets. This incredibly powerful means of propulsion also saw the team at Swissrocketman achieve a blistering 214.7 mph in 2.5 seconds back in 1992 - a water-rocket record that has remained unbeaten ever since.  Read More

Panasonic 2009 TV range (TH-P42G10A)

Although LCD has been clearly outselling plasmas TVs in recent times, plasma still maintains a number of advantages over its rival format, most notably in contrast ratio. So while some manufacturers, such as Pioneer, have ceased making plasma panels, Panasonic is persisting, with plans to launch 11 new VIERA plasma models this year. Although the company understands the value of LCD, too, with nine LCD models included in the 2009 VIERA TV line-up.  Read More offers several improvements with the Kindle DX, its larger 9.7-inch screen the ... has added an upgraded version of its wireless electronic reader Kindle, with several improvements, its larger 9.7-inch screen the most obvious. The Kindle DX also introduces a PDF reader, auto-rotation and expanded memory that can store up to 3,500 books.  Read More

A better look at the CS3's open baffle design.

Premiering recently at AKFest 2009, Emerald Physics CS3 loudspeaker joins the acclaimed CS1 and CS2.3 as part of the company's unconventional line-up. Similar in concept to Tannoy’s Prestige range of speakers, the CS3 employs a 12 inch point source driver with a compression tweeter mounted in the center of the driver. This coaxial design is also far more efficient than conventional driver arrangements, making better use of your available amplifier power.  Read More

The WorldFirst Formula 3 racing car after a trip to the farmer's market for some spare par...

Environmentally friendly vehicles conjure up thoughts of a Toyota Prius hybrid or maybe a vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cells, but a Formula 3 racing car generally wouldn’t be the first thing to come to mind. This "WorldFirst Formula 3 car" unveiled by researchers at the University of Warwick might just change that impression - and it's eco-friendliness goes way beyond the bio diesel engine that drives it. The racer is powered by chocolate, steered by carrots, has bodywork made from potatoes and can still do 125mph around corners.  Read More

USB VoIP Speakerphone: ideal for Skype users

The USB VoIP Speakerphone is a nifty PC attachment that is ideal for Skype users. It can be plugged directly into the computer and uses digital signal processing (DSP) technology to deliver clear voice quality.  Read More

Alex Buncombe and Lucas on the podium

If you're car racing gamer and fancy yourself a bit behind the wheel of a console or PC, you'll be thrilled to hear of the rise and rise of Lucas Ordoñez, the world’s first virtual to real life racing driver. Lucas won the Nissan/PlayStation GT Academy 2008, a competition designed with the express purpose of taking a champion Gran Turismo gamer and turning them into a real life racing driver. Lucas had his first hit-out in the first round of the highly competitive European GT4 series at the weekend and ended on the podium, filling Gran Turismo's 50 million devotees with hope that a new route to international motorsport is about to open.  Read More

Genomic analysis in the cloud

Analyzing the huge amounts of data involved in mapping DNA sequences requires formidable computing resources, but not every scientist working in the field has access to a large network or supercomputer, making genomics the perfect candidate for cloud-computing. Applied Biosystems and Geospiza have announced the launch of a genetic analysis solution using cloud-computing that aims to put the tools required for this important field of study into more hands.  Read More

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