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The Forest School features up-cycled, recycled and low-impact architecture and design

It's almost as good as going to school in a treehouse. The recently opened Elleray Preparatory School in the Lake District National Park has three class pods standing on stilts connected by a center platform made from recycled materials, such as plastic milk bottles and wood shavings. Nestled amongst the trees, the complex is built to have a low environmental impact and therefore makes excellent use of solar power, rainwater collection, and has an energy-efficient heat pump.  Read More

Je Sung Park's clever concept design makes the upgrade process both inexpensive and guilt-...

In a world where concern for the environment is high on the agenda, it was only a matter of time before the laptop got a green makeover. Outstripping even the Bamboo notebook in eco-friendly credentials, designer Je Sung Park has pushed the concept to its limit and opened our eyes to the laptop of the future: a recyclable paper design.  Read More

Wanted: technology writers in Tokyo

Gizmag is seeking writers, photographers and videographers in Japan to join the team on a casual or part-time basis. Obviously speaking and writing English is essential, and having an in-depth knowledge of some if not all of the areas we cover goes without saying. If you can produce the goods, you’ll get paid well and you’ll get to carry a Gizmag press card. If you think you might fit the bill, we’ll be in Tokyo next week to meet up with interested parties, so send an outline of your skills to...  Read More

The XO2 folding scooter range - 125, 50 Urban and 50 Sport

One of the fun things we've got to look forward to as electric vehicles become more and more common is a changing of the relationship we have with our wheels. The XO2 electric scooter is a fine example - it'll behave fairly similarly to a regular electric scooter on the road, but when you get where you're going, instead of parking it on the sidewalk where it's exposed to rain, thieves and vandals, you can fold it up and bring it into your apartment or office, and plug it in to charge. We talk a lot about the coming population explosion here on Gizmag, with billions more people to be crammed into our urban centers in the next 50 years. Devices like these seem tailor-made for the type of living we're inevitably moving towards.  Read More

Finding that special someone isn't as easy as it used to be so online dating sites are enl...

If you’re looking for love online you can forget listing your hobbies and favorite books. Dating sites can now find your perfect match based on DNA. Numerous studies have revealed that chemistry, in particular body odor, plays a big part in the art of attraction, but such physical chemistry is usually impossible to identify when searching for partners online. Dating sites such as ScientificMatch and say they can bring chemical attraction back into the mix to increase the chances of finding someone genetically compatible with your DNA.  Read More

The JVC TK-C2201E compact fixed dome camera

JVC has announced four new analog high-res CCTV cameras that it claims can produce accurate colors under extremely low light conditions. The new surveillance cams feature the company’s Super LoLux technology for sensitivity as low as 0.05 lux in color mode and 0.006 lux in black-and-white mode. JVC also claims these models use 40% less power making them more eco-friendly and cheaper to operate.  Read More

From leftt: Dr Christian Mohrdieck, Director Fuel Cell and Battery Drive Development, Daim...

The first of ten new Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL-Hybrid buses has appeared in Hamburg, Germany as part of a large-scale fleet trial taking place there and in other European cities. Two major features of this latest-generation fuel cell hybrid bus are that it emits no pollutants while in motion and is virtually silent, making it ideal for use in highly congested inner cities and metropolitan areas. From next year, ten of the 30 vehicles that Daimler Buses is producing for European transport operators are destined for the Hamburg transport authority. Hamburger Hochbahn will take delivery of the remaining 20 buses.  Read More

Epson has developed a 0.52 inch QHD color LCD panel for use in professional quality camcor...

Epson has developed a high definition color LCD panel for use in professional camcorder viewfinders that's only 0.52 inches diagonally, offers 1.56 megapixels resolution and uses a filter to prevent color breakup that often occurs when recording fast-moving objects or panning.  Read More

The Dalmore Oculus

Further proof that the GFC might be retreating and that the demon drink has indeed become a sound financial investment was the news that a bottle, err decanter, of Dalmore Oculus whisky sold for a GBP27,600 (USD47,000) at yesterday’s whisky auction at Bonhams Edinburgh (UK).  Read More

Preschooler's digital camera shoots video and takes photographs and is housed in a kid-tou...

I’d love to be a kid again. Seriously. The technology age has delivered children all manner of sophisticated toys and games, think Nintendo, Playstation and Wii ... just to name a few. Now, they even have a variety of mini digital cameras to choose from, including the Kid Tough camera and the Preschooler’s digital camera. The Preschooler’s camera is a kid-tough unit that is suitably sized for small hands, can take photographs and video, and has a fixed-focus lens - so kids simply line up their shot and press a button.  Read More

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