2014 Paris Motor Show highlights
Playseat to deliver official WRC driving seat Q1

Playseats has signed a deal to become the official race seat of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) and will deliver the first branded version of the seat in Q1 2009. The new Playseat is compatible with all digital driving wheels including the Logitech G25 and ForceGT,and is compatible with the PS3, PS2, Xbox, Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii plus the PC. No mention of price at this stage, though we expect the seat and Logitech G25 and gearshift bundle to come in around EUR599 (US$865).  Read More

Volvo S60 Concept drives itself in stop-start traffic

Volvo has finally released images of the Volvo S60 Concept car which will be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January. The Concept, which we originally previewed here, gives an indication of what the all-new Volvo S60 will look like when launched in 2010.  Read More

ENPUTECH's Purelight UV sterilizer

ENPUTECH has announced plans to unveil its new UV sterilizer at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in January. Purelight is an environmentally-friendly device designed to sterilize germs and other bacteria in mattresses, blankets, carpets, toothbrushes, toilets and kitchen utensils.  Read More

The new BMW Z4 Roadster

BMW's latest addition to its roadster family is set to make its North American debut at the 2009 NAIAS in January packing more power, versatile storage options, and a host of goodies not previously seen in the range including a two-piece, electro-hydraulically operated retractable hard-top roof and adjustable drivetrain and suspension which enable the driver to choose between three different ride heights as well as different throttle and steering response set-ups and gear change times.  Read More

The BlueZERO electric vehicle concept from Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has put its electric vehicle plans on the table with the announcement of its BlueZERO concept line. The BlueZERO platform is the first Mercedes designed from the ground up to take advantage of an electric drive system - rather than shoe-horning an electric engine into a chassis built around a combustion engine - and Mercedes is hedging its bets with three different energy storage options - the battery-electric E-CELL with a 120 mile range, the hydrogen fuel-cell F-CELL with a 248 mile range, and an extended-range bridging solution, the E-CELL PLUS, which is a battery-electric that uses a petrol generator to provide an extended range of up to 370 miles and easy refueling for longer trips. The lightweight 5-seater vehicle platform houses the drive and energy storage units in a sandwich-floor frame, which makes the cars exceptionally safe, frees up interior and storage room, and centralizes the mass down low for improved handling. Limited production of electric Mercs is set to start around 2010.  Read More

The OLED standalone keypad.

Substantially more restrained than the Optimus Maximus, United Keys' entry into the OLED keyboard field tacks nine dynamic OLED keys onto the end of a regular desktop keyboard to add a dose of versatility and increase input efficiency.  Read More

BYD launch world's first production plug in hybrid

The world's first mass-produced plug in hybrid and the world's first production series hybrid went on sale this week in China. BYD, a company best known for making cell-phone batteries has begun selling its F3DM — China's first mass-produced hybrid electric vehicle. The car is expected to retail for around USD$20,000 in China, and make its way to the U.S. in 2011.  Read More

The remarkable Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

A series of tests later this week may change the future of amphibious warfare. Subject of the tests will be the omnipotent Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV, formerly the AAAV - Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle). The 2700 bhp EFVP1 promises a water assault like no other - it can launch from ships 20-25 miles over-the-horizon (OTH), travel on water at 25 knots and seamlessly transport 17 Marines 200 miles inland at speeds of 45 mph (in padded seats with airconditioning to boot). Should it encounter any resistance, it packs a fully stabilized 30mm automatic chain gun (MK46 Weapon System) and 7.62 COAX machine-gun. The US$27 Billion program will yield 573 such vehicles. Heehaaaw!  Read More

Super-Secret Spy Lens for your SLR

Designed for capturing raw, natural images without the subject being aware that they are being photographed (and ruining that elusive photo-realism), or lets face it, for just plain snooping around, the Super-Secret Spy Lens allows you to take shots at right angles to the camera lens. Working like a periscope for your SLR, the lens adaptor also rotates through 360 degrees so you can snap subjects above and below you as well as to the left or right, all while you appear to be shooting directly in front.  Read More

The left-handed pen promises easier left-to-right writing for left-handers

A simple but new development of the humble pen might make life easier for almost one in six people on the planet – those who are left-handers. From birth, molly dookers are handicapped compared to right-handers because the world is configured for right-handed people. The perceived awkwardness of a leftie is just because they’re forced to use tools configured for a right hand preference. The pen is one of humankind’s most important tools, and regarded by many as even mightier than the sword, so this is an important development for a lot of people. The reshaped pen with S bend neck and ergonomic grip makes it easy for left-handers to immediately write comfortably without smudging.  Read More

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